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Honor & Memorial Brick Project / Levy Facts
Friday, October 13, 2006 2:32:51 PM - Monroe Ohio
If everyone who receives the Booster Club emails would help change one 'No' vote to 'Yes', the levy would have a greater chance of passing.  We are all Hornet Fans.  We understand the value of extracurricular activities/athletics/teams/music/theater and the lifetime friendships & memories created during the school years.  But, this is really much bigger than those factors. 
Arguably, the primary reason to pass the levy is quality of life:  1)  preserving the community's current quality of life, and 2) ensuring that the students' future quality of life is attainable.   It's about attracting the 'Best & Brightest' to live and work in the area; recruiting stellar businesses to invest in the community; and increasing property values of owners who are both young & old.  It's about maintaining the excellence in the classrooms; offering educational opportunities for at-risk & honor students; retaining talented staff members; and keeping the facilities and grounds in good shape. Most importantly, it's about ensuring that the pride of Monroe stays in town
I want our children to be proud of themselves, each other and their school when they enter their building.  That was not the case four years ago.  I don't want to relive that again.
In small communities like Monroe, the school is the focal point of the city.  In the last few years, the school staff, administration, Board & volunteers have achieved more for the city of Monroe (both intangibles and tangibles) than any other group in this community.  Passing the levy will keep Monroe moving forward, and I believe you'll agree it's really the direction that's best for the community as a whole. 
Please vote yes for all of us.
Ann Dillon-Hinkle
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