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Hornet Fan Enews
Friday, July 24, 2009 10:13:14 AM - Monroe Ohio

The mission of the Monroe Athletic Booster Club (MABC) is to facilitate and promote the activities of the Monroe High School's sports programs. MABC will work with the coaches and administration to support the athletic program by providing funds, boosting attendance, building morale and providing an enjoyable healthy environment for the student-athletes.  MABC will be responsible for raising funds required to meet the club's objectives.

Hornet Fans:


  •        Highlights from the MABC July meeting:


-     WPFB will no longer be hosting the ‘Coaches Corner’ radio show @ Monroe’s Wings & Rings on Wednesday nights.  The club is contacting another radio station and also considering hosting the program inhouse – without broadcasting.  Stay tuned!

-      Two groups volunteered their time helping the ‘Light Up the Sky’ July 4th committee.  The student-athletes, coaches and members who helped include the following:


Jeff Daniels                   Kyle Stone             Nate Morgan                                    

Austin Seidel                Ryan Leahy             Brad Hunt

Ben Leahy                   Brendan Hodges       Nick Braden

Nick Simpson              Greg Smith                Denny Ferguson

Jenni Meier                   Larry Fillnow            Scott Burnside

Joey Bowles               Mary Griffin                Tim Griffin

Rocky Sebastian           Ann Hinkle           


 -  Members agreed to pay for Match / Meet day refreshments for the Golf and CC teams.

-   The club will be posting pictures in the school of alumni student-athletes who are currently playing at the collegiate level.  If you know of alumni playing college sports, contact an officer or write back to  We want to be sure we don’t miss anyone!                  


  •   The 2nd Annual Golf Outing is in 2 weeks – Sunday, August 9!  Contact Rocky Sebastian if you’d like to participate or be a sponsor: .  Also, the form is attached as well.Golf Outing Form


  •      Important dates for your calendar:


-                     Wednesday, August 12             Fall Sports Parent night

-                     Tuesday, August 18                  Picture Day

-                     Sunday, August 23                   Hornet Day!   


  •     2007 graduate Bobby Kelley is donating his time and skills to create a new website for the club.  He’s a 3rd year student at the University of Cincinnati, majoring in Digital Design.  We appreciate Bobby stepping up to help the club out!  Thank you!

Boys Soccer: Greeneview Super Scrimmage:

  •     4-0 win over Yellow Springs.  Goals:  Jake Essig (2), Nick Braden, Bobby Beagle; Patrick McIntosh / Chase Collins tallied the shutout.

  •     3-0 win over Springfield Kenton Ridge

  •    Defeated Springfield Northwestern

  •    4-2 win against Northwestern.  Goals:  Essig (2), Braden, Zach Holbrock


Girls Soccer:  Xenia tournament results (2-2-1):


  •       1-0 win over West Carrollton

  •     Lost to Miamisburg, 0-2

  •       Tied Springfield Northwestern 0-0

  •      Defeated Batavia 5-1


Pulse Journal Athlete of the Week:  Samantha Streibick


Claim to fame: Qualifying for the Sports Express National volleyball team this year.

Bet you didn’t know:  “I’m double jointed in both of my thumbs.”

Favorite movie:  “Pay It Forward.”

Favorite magazine:  Seventeen.

Favorite musical artist:  Blink 182

Favorite TV show:  One Tree Hill

Favorite cartoon growing up:  Power Puff Girls

Favorite pro athlete:  Carrie Walsh

Favorite cereal:  Froot Loops.

Favorite junk food:  Cosmic Brownies.

Something you can’t live without:  Volleyball

The words you live by are:  “Keep your head high.”

Most memorable moment:  “Winning the SWBL title in volleyball in seventh and eighth grade.”

Worst habit:  “Getting mad when I don’t win.”

Talent you’d most like to have:  To be able to play guitar.

Favorite gym to play in:  Monroe.

Your hero:  “My mom.”

Dream car:  An Eclipse.

Exercise you hate the most:  Push-ups.

When I’m bored, I like to:  Play volleyball.

Vegetable you just won’t eat:  Peas.

Pre-game ritual:  “I study the other team.”

Best thing about volleyball:  “Being with my friends and being able to do what I love.”

Worst thing about volleyball:  Losing.


Pulse Journal Athlete of the Week:  Becca Duff


Claim to fame:  “Getting second team all-league in softball my senior year.”

Toughest opponent:  Madison.

Biggest influence:  “My sister, Sarah.”

Something you can’t live without:  “My cell phone.”

In your iPod:  “A wide variety of music and a lot of Christian songs.”

Worst habit:  “Biting my nails.”

Your hero:  “My sister, Sarah.”

On your bedroom walls:  “A bunch of posters.”

Person you would trade places with for a day:  Barack Obama.

Talent you’d most like to have:  “To be able to sing.”

What you drive:  A Dodge Avenger.

Dream car:  A Dodge Challenger.

Favorite movie:  “Sweet Home Alabama.”

Favorite books:  The “Twilight” series.

Favorite music group:  The Fray.

Favorite TV show:  “90210.”

Favorite cartoon growing up:  “Hey, Arnold!”

Favorite pro athlete:  Babe Ruth.

Favorite cereal:  Fruity Pebbles.

Favorite junk food:  Chocolate chip cookies.

Favorite school subject:  English.

Most annoying TV commercial:  The Subway five-dollar footlong commercials.

Exercise you hate the most:  “All of them.”

When I’m bored, I like to ... “Watch movies.”

Vegetable you won’t eat:  Broccoli.

Last thing you saw on YouTube:  The video for the song “Heartless” by The Fray.

Last movie you saw:  “Bride Wars.”

Best things about softball:  “The aggressiveness and the team spirit.”

Worst thing about softball:  “Losing.”

In 10 years, I’ll be ...  “Hopefully living in Chicago.”


Pulse-Journal Quotes:


  •     Coach Meibers on Camp Higher Ground:  “The reason we want to go to a camp like this is to allow us to have total focus and total isolation for the time that we’re out there.  Not only will we be doing lots of football stuff technique wise, scheme wise, drill wise, but we will also be able to do some good team bonding.”


  •       Coach Burnside, after the Xenia tournament:  “They showed some promise.  The juniors and seniors stepped up and played well. I was pleased with the leadership they displayed.”


  •     Coach Oster, discussing Jake Essig and Nick Braden:  “Both of them are very talented players.  They’re different types of players and they complement each other perfectly going forward.”


  •    VB Coach Elias:  “I’m very excited about it.  I see the potential and I see what great girls they are, and I’m really excited to get in there and start working with them.”


Alumni News:


  •       2003 graduate swimmer Krista Wray:  “I loved swimming. I met a lot of awesome people and had a lot of great opportunities to travel at such a young age. I wouldn’t change that for anything.”


  •     1979 graduate Jane Murphy:  “I bleed Blue and Gold, I always have.”


Thanks to Mollie Chapman for her continued support of the student-athletes and Athletic Booster Club!!


Worthington Steel supports the student-athletes by purchasing an ad in the Booster Club’s athletic programWe thank Worthington Steel for helping the student-athletes, teams and Booster Club reach their goals.  Worthington Steel supports our student-athletes, so let’s support them





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