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Hornet Sports News, brief club notes and a request
Saturday, June 24, 2006 10:22:48 AM - Monroe Ohio

Hornet Sports News, brief club notes and a request for someone’s help:

·       Highlights from the June 21st Booster Club meeting:

1.      Mary Routson-Griffin is managing the Fall athletic program.  Memberships and advertisers were discussed.  Since the district has joined a new league, the directions to stadiums, fields & schools will be different from past programs.  Mary is working with the athletic department to gather the new directions from each AD.

2.      There is a new state policy in place that wrestlers must have a weight assessment at the beginning of the season.  The cost is $5.00 per wrestler.  Stu Wilson, district trainer, is certified to conduct these assessments.  Monroe may consider hosting a weigh-in for surrounding districts. 

3.      Athletic physicals will take place at the school on Thursday, July 27.  Boys start @ 8:00, and girls start @ 9:00.

4.      Picture day for Fall teams is scheduled for Thursday, August 10.  Mary Routson-Griffin and Carol Kelley will be present the entire day to record names and assist the photographers.

5.      The club has quite a few mats to sell, so we've asked everyone to come back to the July meeting with ideas to sell them.  There are two different versions with the Hornet logo.  If you have ideas, please send them to this email address or talk with one of the officers.

6.      To help build the club’s efforts / contributions to the student-athletes, all athletic teams should have a representative at each Booster meeting.  This would help in the discussions as well as workload.  One suggestion is to have each coach identify a parent to represent the team.  Another:  each team could create a schedule for their parents.  The club meets every 3rd Wednesday of each month, so each coach can easily create a schedule for parents to attend.

·   Great news for the Softball Team:  Jordan Eastham was selected Softball Player of the Year by the Middletown Journal and Coach Keith Truesdell was named Softball Coach of the YearAll-Journal First Team included the following:

1.      Jordan Eastham                  P

2.      Bethann Marcum                UTL

3.      Tamara Davis                     OF


·  Also, great news for 2 Baseball players selected to the All-Journal First Team:

1.      Tyler Ott                            C

2.      Tyler Gainey                       1B


·        Per the club's Bylaws, the financial records must be audited each year.  We are looking for an experienced auditor to volunteer her/his time to review the books.  Anita keeps meticulous records, so the time commitment would be minimum.  If you, or someone you know, would be willing to donate your time for this service, please contact an officer or reply back to this email address.  Thanks, in advance, for your consideration.

W. E. MacDonald Agency, Inc., located in Monroe, supports the student-athletes by purchasing an ad in the Booster Club's athletic program.  We thank W. E. MacDonald Agency, Inc. for helping the student-athletes, teams and Booster Club reach their goals.

W. E. MacDonald Agency, Inc.  supports our student-athletes, so let's support them J


The mission of the Monroe Athletic Booster Club (MABC) is to facilitate and promote the activities of the Monroe High School's sports programs. MABC will work with the coaches and administration to support the athletic program by providing funding, boosting attendance, building morale and providing an enjoyable healthy environment for the student athletes.  MABC will be responsible for raising funds required to meet the club's objectives.



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