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Hornet Sports News for the week of 3/13/2006:
Friday, March 17, 2006 9:22:07 AM - Monroe Ohio

       The Booster Club met last night @ 7:00.  Highlights from the meeting included the following:

1.      Once again, Anita Williams' presented a thorough accounting of the club's financial status.  The only outstanding bill is the LEV Sled the club agreed to purchase in January for the football team.  Cost is ~$795, and the sled is already in use.

2.      Mary Griffin agreed to gather ideas & volunteers to create a Spring Program for the MML Track & Field meet scheduled for May 9-11 @ Monroe.  John Singleton will contact the ADs from attending schools to request team photos and rosters.  All Winter programs were sold.

3.      The club used the concession stand more this year than in the past - volleyball and football tournaments, Junior High competitions, etc.  Springtime brings additional use because of the home track meets.  The club agreed to pay Mike Smith additional funds to compensate him for the unanticipated usage.

4.      The Varsity M Club gave a memorable 'Send Off' to Nicole Brehm when she left to compete in the state diving competition.

5.      Hall of Fame subteam provided an overview of their program:

       The 5 members of the Standing Committee are Dutch Collins, Jane Murphy, Stacey Williams-Deaton, Bob Miller & Dave Malott.  This is a lifetime appointment.

       There will be 6 members on the Selection Committee.
       By-laws, the Nomination Form, & the Communication Plan have been drafted.
       The goal is to schedule the first induction this Fall.
       The team will present the program to the School Board on March 27.

6.      Tad Kilburn represented Monroe High School at That's My Boy Banquet last month.  Approximately 500 people attended.  Those who sat at the Booster Club table were Jason Krause, Chad Murphy, Coach Stubbs, Coach Wilhelm, Bob Leahy, Stu Wilson, Jane Majors and Smittie Majors.  The club agreed to pay for this expense.  When Stu thanked the club, he commented, "It was an honor to witness one of our student athletes and his parents be recognized. We should be proud of the achievements which our students have accomplished." 

7.      There are 4 home Varsity track meets scheduled for this spring:  April 8 (Justin Brittan Invitational w/16 teams), April 11 (MML South Preview), and May 9 & 11 (MML championship).  Also, the Junior High team will host 3 tri-meets scheduled for April 3 & 10, and May 3. 

8.      The club is donating the use of its concession stand equipment to the After Prom Committee.

     From  Monroe Sophomore Nicole Brehm was selected to the Cincinnati Enquirer's Swimming All-Stars Team Sunday. Nicole was the top local finisher in Division 2 diving at the State meet. All Stars were published in the Enquirer on Sunday. Congratulations Nicole!

               Monroe will host the 1st Miami Valley Football Coaches Association football combine scheduled for Sunday, May 21.  It's estimated that approximately 50 DI-III college coaches will attend.

       During the May meeting, the club will vote for next year's officers.  If you are interested in a position, please contact one of the current officers or send an email to <>.  Please consider stepping up for one of the roles J

       Interested in getting out of the house; helping kids; or just need some new scenery / conversation?  Contact Mary Griffin to help with the athletic program or Anita Williams with concession stand support.  Every club member / fan / neighbor is welcome to participate!  If you have fond memories of track meets, consider working at the concession stand.  If you remember how you felt looking at your picture in a past athletic program, call Mary.  We need your help to maintain a viable organization.  If you need phone numbers, send a note to .



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