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Hornet Sports News - Part 2
Thursday, November 3, 2005 3:16:54 PM - Monroe Ohio

Hornet Fans:

More sports news:

¨      We are in need of concession stand workers for Saturday’s game.  If you are willing to work a bit during the game, contact Anita Williams @ 539-9193.  All workers will see the game free of charge, but Anita must provide a list of volunteers to John Singleton beforehand.

¨      Check out today’s Middletown Journal.  Skip Weaver wrote a comprehensive article comparing Monroe’s and Madeira’s football teams:  Quarterback, Running back, Wide receiver, Defensive line, Linebackers, Defensive backs & Special teams.  Final prediction:  Monroe 34, Madeira 14.  And, next to the article is a ‘Player Q&A’ column highlighting Monroe’s Nate Helsley.  Good publicity for Monroe J

¨      A few stats from the article:


1.      Monroe finished the regular season as the top-rated offense in the MML averaging 380.6 yds. per game.

2.      Monroe led the league in passing yardage with 2,290 yds.

3.      Monroe accumulated 3,806 total yds. of offense, also leading the MML.

4.      Monroe is ranked the top offensive unit in the MML.

5.      Monroe’s defense is also ranked first in the MML with 584 passing yds. allowed.

6.      The last time Monroe made the football playoffs, this year’s seniors were in the first grade.


¨      Below is information about 3 companies that sell school letter jackets:


1.      Imprint Promotion is in Middletown (423-0242) and sells them only in bulk.  If a team is interested, they would be able to complete the order.

2.      Clarks Sporting Goods is in downtown Hamilton (868-3287).  Prices vary; letters start at $1.50; patches will be sewn on for a fee; XXL and larger sizes cost slightly higher than quoted prices; turnaround time for Christmas presents:  place order before Thanksgiving.  Here are a few prices for jackets prior to adding letters and patches:


¨      Wool quilt                                adult                 $129.99

¨      Wool hooded quilt                    adult                 $149.99

¨      Wool quilt / leather sleeves        adult                 $199.99

¨      Wool quilt / leather insert          adult                 $159.99

¨      Nylon quilt                                youth                $44.99

adult                 $47.99

¨      Nylon hooded quilt                   youth                $58.99

adult                 $58.99

3.      Koch Sporting Goods is on 4th Street in downtown Cincinnati (621-2352).  Wool leather sleeve jackets are $150.00.  Turnaround time is 2-3 weeks if the color is in stock.


¨      The Record Board subteam is close to wrapping up the project.  Paper templates are being created to check the final design, layout and records before the actual display boards are produced.  Coaches will review them one last time before production begins.  Once they’re posted we’re hoping members of the community and alumni will be able to fill in any gaps.

Feel free to forward to other Hornet Fans, alumni, relatives and friends.


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