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Hustler Store Opens In Monroe
Friday, December 15, 2000 12:00:00 AM - Monroe Ohio

-The long debated and  disputed story, regarding the controversial
Hustler store in Monroe, can now come to a possible conclusion.  It
is here and it has opened.   Jimmy Flint was at the new Hustler
Hollywood store, just off of 63, where he held his grand opening this
morning. Many people
gathered outside in anticipation to enter the store.  Although the
store did not open at its 9am deadline, Mr. Flint himself guaranteed it
would be open in a few short hours.

News crews were on hand to view and report on
this hyped-up and wel
l publicized opening. 
Although rumors floated as to a possible picketing of the store, no
protestors were spotted as of early this morning.  There was though,
a line of patrons ready to enter the store, some of which showed up an
hour before the proposed 9am opening.

When asked why the Flints picked Monroe to open
their store Jimmy responded, "This is one of the fastest growing
areas in the nation and the fastest in Ohio". He also commented on
the possibilities of protestors, "I welcome them. They are all my
friends. Just misguided by their leaders".

Monroe police as well as the Highway Patrol were on site but were not


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is not affiliated with  or nor do we endorse the Hustler Hollywood store. We
are simply reporting the information to keep the citizens of Monroe
updated on the current news.

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