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Installation of New Officers for Nathaniel Sackett Chapter NSDAR Monroe
Thursday, May 23, 2019 10:30:27 AM - Monroe Ohio

Newly appointed NSDAR Officers

Pictured left to right:  Former Chapter Regent Peggy Abernathy welcomes newly inducted officers for 2019-2022 with Chapter Regent Lois Sergent, Vice Regent Nancy Hutton, Recording Secretary Jennifer Yater, Treasurer Carrie Setser, Chaplain Carol Byrd, Corresponding Secretary Nancy Carter and Registrar Becky Jansen.  Not pictured – Historian Shirley Miller.


The National Society Daughters of the American Revolution (NSDAR) is a volunteer service organization based on lineage to someone who fought or gave aid to the American Revolution. The Society promotes preservation of historic buildings and artifacts; provides contests, awards and scholarships; supports schools and develops good citizens; and supports our veterans and military while celebrating the exceptional events in our American history.

Daughters of the American Revolution Logo

The Installation of New Officers was the highlight of the NSDAR Nathaniel Sackett Chapter meeting on Wednesday, May 15, at the Monroe Community Room, Monroe, OH.   Serving three years as Chapter Regent, Peggy Abernathy of Monroe, handed the reigns over to Lois Sergent of Hamilton.  Following the meeting, Peggy mentioned the highlights of serving as Chapter Regent were, “Becoming more active in DAR projects and community events, winning a national award for increased membership and forming lasting friendships.”

Joining NSDAR in June 2013, Lois Sergent’s new role as Chapter Regent is to see that the business of the chapter is transacted in proper order. She serves as chief executive officer of the Chapter.  Lois has many goals and ideas to continue moving the Chapter forward.  Following her induction Lois added, “Thank you for this great honor. I look forward to how we can benefit others and communicate how important history is to our future. We can achieve this by working together”.  The chapter regent works diligently to ensure the chapter’s success. Every chapter has goals they wish to accomplish. The chapter regent, in her leadership position, helps facilitate accomplishing the goals by involving members in the planning process and encouraging participation. Involved members will have a vested interest in the positive outcome of the project.

Nancy Hutton of Monroe was sworn in as Vice Regent for the Chapter.  Nancy and her mother Phyllis joined the NSDAR in November 2016.  Nancy’s responsibility is to be well informed about all phases of work at all levels of DAR as she will work closely with the chapter regent.  In the regent’s absence, she will preside and perform the duties and serve as the regent’s first alternate to represent the chapter at state conference and at Continental Congress.   

Carol Byrd of Lebanon was re-elected as Chapter Chaplain and has the DAR Ritual available for all chapter meetings.  She prepares a devotional for each chapter meeting, all chapter events and the NSDAR National Day of Prayer, which is the Sunday closest to the date of the founding of DAR.  Among other responsibilities, she attends the funeral/memorial services of a member or ensures chapter representation and reports immediately to state chaplain the death of a member.   

NSDAR Daughter since 2009, Chapter Historian Shirley Miller of Springboro was re-elected and maintains historical and biographical papers of the chapter in the form of scrapbooks, yearbooks, and narrative history brought up to date periodically. As historian, she must obtain permission from the Office of the Historian General to mark the graves of Revolutionary War soldiers/patriots, their wives, and daughters and to place all historical markers. 

Revolutionary War Monument in Boston

Jennifer Yater of Hamilton, daughter of Chapter Regent Lois Sergent, was inducted as Chapter Recording Secretary.  Both Lois and Jennifer joined the NSDAR in December 2014.  Jennifer’s new role is to keep on file all committee reports. She records on each report the date received and any further action taken.  She keeps a copy of the official membership roll, notifies board members of meetings of the board, prepares the call to the meetings, furnishes committees with documents required for the performance of their duties, and has on hand at each meeting a list of all existing committees and their members.  

Corresponding Secretary Nancy Carter of Middletown was re-elected to this role and has served on many committees including as Chapter Regent from May 2011 to May 2016.  As corresponding secretary, she conducts such correspondence as may be requested by the regent or required by action of the chapter.  Additionally, Nancy will keep a copy of all correspondence and send appropriate copies such as thank you notes to speakers, etc., to the regent.  She also keeps a copy of the official membership roll with mailing addresses.

Carrie Setser of Hamilton, Chapter Treasurer,  is familiar with duties of every officer and all financial matters of the chapter and is a NSDAR member since February 2013.  She prepares a budget and recommends chapter dues and expenditures for the year. She tracks all contributions for chapter and national projects, noting dates on calendar of deadlines for payments, dues, the chapter’s tax return and financial reporting deadlines.  

Becky Jansen of Middletown was re-elected as Chapter Registrar.  Becky, who became a member in June 2013, was instrumental in the chapter receiving the National Membership Award for the "Greatest Net Increase in Membership" for 2017 with 82%.  This award was presented at the national conference, Continental Congress, in Washington DC, in June 2018.  Becky said, “I am looking forward to assisting in the continued growth of our chapter by helping prospective members gather the needed documents to prove their lineage to a Revolutionary War patriot.”  

If interested in joining the Daughters of the American Revolution, information can be found on the Chapter Facebook page - Nathaniel Sackett Chapter DAR Monroe, Ohio.  The chapter continues to grow in membership with 71 current members.

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