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Interview with the City of Monroe‘s Mayor - Elbert R. Tannreuther
Wednesday, August 9, 2000 12:00:00 AM - Monroe Ohio
Mr. Elbert R. Tannreuther is currently the mayor of the city of Monroe. The Mayor has been a resident of Monroe for about thirty-five years. He has seen the city grow from a small village of thirty-five hundred to a city that now holds a growing seven thousand residents. Tannreuther has been married to his wife, Joyce, for forty-nine years, has three children that have graduated from Lemon-Monroe High School, and also has eight grandchildren along with three great-grandchildren. The Mayor wasn‘t always a ‘Hornet‘ fan. At some point in his life he rooted for "the puny pack of purple pilgrims." Yes, the Mayor graduated from Middletown High School. During high school, he was a football player for MHS. On the side, Tannreuther was a high school referee for twenty years. After graduating high school, he attended Summit Miami and was in the Navy. When Mayor Tannreuther finished his short term in the Navy, he went directly to work at Armco, now known as AK Steel.

Tannreuther attended and instructed a few classes at Miami University to enhance his knowledge during the time he worked at AK and after he retired in ‘92 as the superintendent of transportation services. Mayor Tannreuther informed me that he has been a part of the Monroe City Council for twenty-six years, twelve of which he was president, and mayor for thirteen years. The council consists of Richard Kremer, Vicky Sizemore, Eric Detcher, Robert Youtsler, Robert Routson,
and Gordon Doty. In January Gordon Doty will be replaced by Michael Morris. When Tannreuther began his council, he walked into a ‘strong mayor‘ government and within the first year Monroe changed to a ‘chapter‘ form of government. After fifteen years passed, the ‘chapter form‘ of government switched over to a ‘council manager‘ form of government. In this type of government, the council members are the ones who elect the mayor. Every two years, in January, the mayor is elected or reelected. Besides Mayor Tannreuther, there is one other gentleman who is very important to the city of Monroe, and he is the City Manager. Don Whitman is the man who takes this role. Mr. Whitman supervises the police department, fire department, etc. The city council meetings are usually held on the second and fourth Tuesday of every month at 7:30. During these council meetings, current issues are discussed such as: reports received from the police department, upcoming levies, outstanding bills, applications for permits that local businesses submit, and what is in the future for the city of Monroe.

In addition to Mr. Tannreuther being the mayor, he was also held court for twelve years. During these twelve years he said he must have had any where between ten and fourteen thousand cases (most were petty traffic violations). The court is still currently the mayor‘s responsibility. Elbert Tannreuther said they held court twice a month, which is twenty-six times a year, and all together the Mayor held approximately three hundred and twelve cases during the years he held court. Just to remind you, Mr. Elbert Tannreuther is a very busy man. He has been listening to the public, doing the duties the Mayor has to do, and continuing to be a loving husband, father, grandfather, and great-grandfather. The Mayor let me know that he wants others to come in and check out the city. Monroe is a growing city that changes from day to day.

By: Valerie Stokley
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