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Wednesday, September 22, 2004 6:36:44 PM - Monroe Ohio
The Afternoon Program begins at 3:00 Literature and New Music Center (under tent in front of Manchester Inn) Welcome!

Hors d'oeuvres by Chilean Chefs

Chilean Folk Music by Eduardo Osses
Poem by Pablo Neruda read by Bess Miller Tour Literatura y Mucica
Chair: Joan Boring
Sponsor: Miriam G. Knoll foundation

3:35 In the Middletown Exhibit Center (old Swallen's Building)
Tour Chile: Democracy Re-claimed Chair: Me! Cohen, Ph.D.
Tour The Long Thin Land of Extremes Chair: Jerry Kern
In the Animal Center (under tent, between United Way building and Middletown Exhibit Center)
Tour Wild Chile
Chair: Stephanie Burk
Sponsors: Western Hills Veterinary Clinic The Bayer Corporation

In the Middletown City Building*
Tour Starring the Arts Chair: Elizabeth Capps Sponsor: Barnitz Fund
Reception for:
Contemporary Artists:
German Tagle (Artist coming from Chile)
Prado (works coming for Chile Isabel Lorca (works coming from Chile) RubyAroganiez (Chilean coming from San Francisco)
Folk Artists Patricia del Carmen Sepulveda Parada, Horsehair Art Artists and Chefs Luzmira Mamani Amaro,Aymara TextHes transportation
Courtesy of Chilean Crafts Foundation courtesy of: Luisa Malio, Mapuche Weaver
Mercedes Cona, Mapuche Weaver Delta Air Lines Courtesy of Chol Chol Foundation
Luz Eleana (drop spindle spinner) ~.Delta
, Works by Photographers
fIcla Ir Ine o Norbert Sebach (Chile Photographer) Middfest International Ted Snyder (Cincinnati Photographer) 2004

*Please note: the City Building will not open until 4:20 p.m. where food will be offered.

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