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Irwin Attacks Peers in Superintendent Selection Process
Wednesday, November 7, 2007 9:44:18 AM - Monroe Ohio

by John Beagle

Monroe School Board Member, Michael Irwin in a stunning revelation, attacked the Monroe school board and its process for selecting new superintendents. Mr. Irwin said,  "Why must we make a decision that affects the future of our schools in a single night?" 

In October, current superintendent Arnie Elam turned in his resignation. Since then, the board has worked with the community, the faculty and the school administration in getting input on selecting a replacement.

Irwin's declaration prompted school board president, Jamie Pierce, to call Mr. Irwin an 'idiot'.

Mr. Birdwell said "Mr. Irwin's comments will result in a loss of confidence in whoever the school board selects." Here are more comments from Mr. Birdwell regarding the superintendent selection process.

Irwin, Monroe school board member, created this document to explain his position: 
Selecting a Superintendent; an inexact science.

The three finalists for Monroe's new superintendent are:
Norwood Superintendent Steve Collier, of Fairfield
Ross Assistant Superintendent Greg Young, of Ross Township
Barberton Superintendent Elizabeth Lolli, of Stow

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