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Its good to be in Monroe Schools
Wednesday, March 3, 2004 10:47:36 AM - Monroe Ohio
Its good to be in Monroe Schools and not in Lakota.

Issue 4, Lakota's School Levy, was resoundingly rejected last night. 14K votes no to 6K votes yes.

The Lakota School system will be in a $6.9 Million deficit by 2005-6 and $37.7 million by the following year.

Joan Powell, President of the Lakota School Board, said that approximately 500 students will be showing up without a classroom to put them in or teachers to teach them.

The new school board office was not paid for by a ballot issue. Helen Shumaker, an opponent to the school levy said the school board needs an attitude adjustment. She said the board should have asked the residents if they wanted a new building.

Teachers will be cut, administrators will have no pay increases, other cuts will further exacerbate a difficult situation in a school system that is experiencing explosive, uncontrolled growth.

I don't want my kid in the Lakota school system. No thanks, Monroe is just fine with me.

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