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John Birch for City Council
Wednesday, October 22, 2003 12:00:00 AM - Monroe Ohio
John Birch, candidate, wants to be elected to Monroe City Council. Below are his answers to questions put forth by posters from this website.

1. Why are you running for council?
I am running for council because I want to contribute to making Monroe a better community. Monroe is the place where my wife and I were raised and where we attended school. We lived in Middletown when we were first married, but moved back to Monroe so that our daughter could also attend school here. Monroe has always had a lot to offer as a small, close-knit community. Now that we have seen growth our possibilities for being a desirable place to live have grown exponentially.

2. What is your #1 Priority for Monroe?
My first priority for Monroe is to work to assure that we have excellence in our system of city government. We need to think in such a way as to realize that we can learn from others, and that what has worked in the past may not continue to work in the future. Monroe city government should look for exemplary city governments with systems in place that build toward excellence and continuous improvement.

3. Where do you stand on Parks?
Obviously we need more park space for our community. This should be one of the elements in a master plan for the city. With restructuring to assure that finances are handled properly, and to assure that all are informed, such a master plan can be developed and implemented. However, it will have to come after the community has confidence in the government's ability to control finances.

4. Who is responsible for our budget problems?
Ultimately the whole of city council is responsible for financial status. Council needs to make certain that all are informed when it comes to the budget. Even if certain individuals may have been directly culpable, the entire council owns the process used for flow of monies.

5. What do you plan to do about the Vets Memorial?
My father was a part of the Normandy invasion on D-Day. I have always admired his sacrifice for me, even before he knew he would be a father. I admire the sacrifice of all of our service men and women who have done likewise. The formation of a taskforce to do some visioning as to what the Veterans' Memorial should entail would be a good first step. This same task force, then, can take things to the next level by seeking sponsorship and contributions from citizens and business and industry.

6. Are you in favor of the St. Rt 63 extension to Trenton/Oxford?
I do favor the St. Rt. 63 extension in that it will alleviate heavy truck traffic on St. Rt. 73, and will better serve business and industry in the area. This should be coordinated, however, with the redesign of the I-75 St. Rt. 63 exchange. As it stands now, the extension of St. Rt. 63 would be disastrous for traffic coming and going to the interstate.
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