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Kroger has applied to build in Monroe
Tuesday, July 20, 2004 8:42:08 AM - Monroe Ohio

Retail Developer, Midland Atlantic Co., has submitted an application for a commercial Planned Unit Development (PUD) project that will create over 91,000 square feet of new retail space in the City of Monroe.  The featured anchor tenant for the 48-acre project will be a newly constructed 70,000 square foot Kroger store to compliment approximately 21,000 square foot of attached retail space.  The project will also open up over 30 acres of commercial land.

Along with the zoning and planning approvals, the project will also involve the proposed annexation of 43.9 acres of Lemon Township ground into the City of Monroe.  We anticipate that the first phase of this project (Kroger and the attached retail center) will be completed in late 2005.  The project will also involve significant off-site improvements including the re-alignment of Macready Avenue and the construction of a traffic signal at the intersection of Macready Avenue and State Route 63.

The City of Monroe is very excited to have the opportunity to attract a marquee retail development featuring Kroger as the anchor.  Krogerís proven track record as a solid anchor that spurs additional commercial development in the surrounding area should provide a wide array of new retail and service establishment choices for our citizens.

For additional information regarding this project, please contact:

Jay T. Stewart
Development Director
City of Monroe
(513) 539-7374

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