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Letter to the Editor of Middletown Journal
Tuesday, January 20, 2004 9:52:07 PM - Monroe Ohio
Letter to the Editor

In response to your January 20 editorial, the Monroe City Council did not try to hide anything. If you want to report the news then do that because your works of fiction are really beginning to get old. Your reporter was invited to sit in on the entire process from the beginning. Council made that decision at the beginning of the session prior to any objection. A fact your reporter would have known if they had been there at the beginning of the meeting, a fact you so curiously neglected to mention.

You make mention of the fact that “Restoring credibility will require council to be as open as possible with its constituents”. Is the Middletown Journal above the standards it so willingly sets for others? I believe you think you are. There seems to be an antagonistic relationship between the City of Monroe and the Middletown Journal, I want to see you explain that, explain to the City and its residents why you find it necessary to cut us down every chance you get. Explain why you found it necessary to rape the funding of children’s education’s to sell papers. Explain that to the citizens of Monroe, you remember the people who buy your paper.

Our fine little City is on the verge of great things, most of those things are moving from the south of us northward. Business growth is inevitable and economic development is ongoing. I like to thing we are “The next best place to be”. Does the Middletown Journal want to be here then too? Members of the editorial staff have told me on different occasions that they (The Middletown Journal) want to be the paper of record in Monroe. If you want to be the paper of record it would seem printing the record would be a good first step.

Lastly you mention that “The first reflex of many elected officials is to scurry behind closed doors”. I don’t know if you had noticed but there are a few of us that don’t “scurry”. We are now a complete council, on the horizon of great things. I for one will not lay back an allow you to verbally accost our city and its residents without a fight. I don’t suppose any of the others will either. If you want to keep printing the types of material you have in the past, then do us a favor, use better paper, the stuff you use now is a little hard on the bum.

Bob Kelley
Monroe City Council

Reprinted with Permission from Bob Kelley
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