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Liberty does not want to be in Monroe
Thursday, February 19, 2004 4:09:05 PM - Monroe Ohio
Liberty Township has made it clear, they don't want to be annexed into Lemon Township which ultimately could be annexed into the city of Monroe.
About 25 Liberty homeowners showed up at the Liberty Township Board of Trustees meeting to speak out against leaving Liberty Township. Christine Matacic, the township's president told Benjamin Poston of the Middletown Journal, that the residents want to stay in Liberty.

Residents of the subdivisions, Country Estates and Lee Meadows were encouraged by Liberty Officials to speak out and have their opinions on record.

There are 4 options that are being discussed by City of Monroe and Liberty Township Officials:

1. Leave the boundaries as they are.
2. Land Swap
3. De - Annexation
4. Amalgamation into Monroe Township

The big concern is that the Liberty Township residents want to keep their children in the Lakota School District. The residents believe their home values will go down if they were in the Monroe School District. There is also concern about the 'quality of education' afforded by Monroe vs Lakota.

The residents do not believe that their children will be allowed to remain in Lakota if land swap, annexation or amalgamation occurred. Residents, according to Tom Doty, do not trust Monroe leadership to leave them in their school district or get a 'straight answer.'

Monroe is seeking a land swap to assist in fiscal budget issues.

Seems to me that just a few people are making decisions for all the people. Their arguments may be unfounded. What is the straight answer that Mr. Doty is seeking? City officials have been straight regarding the schools and the city financial situation.

Also, I have heard some parents express a desire to be in the Monroe school district. Especially those who live across the street from Monroe school parents. The township owes it to its residents to hear from more than just a few vocal people.
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