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Lisa Frye Thanks Council, Except Councilman Hickman
Tuesday, June 12, 2012 9:52:21 AM - Monroe Ohio

by Angela Wasson

Lisa Frye, representative of SunCoke Watch, thanked all of Council, with the exception of Mr.
Hickman, for supporting our community in fighting the coke plant beginning about four years
ago. We have gone through the rezoning process and we have come to the point where the
settlement is going to be voted on by the City of Monroe. This settlement agreement is a joint
venture with Bob Snook, the City of Monroe, and SunCoke Watch. If this is going to be
accepted by all parties, we will continue to monitor them and hold them to the letter of the law. If
anyone says that we have failed, we have not failed, the system has failed. I have no regrets, our
group has no regrets and it will continue regardless of what your vote is today. One of the things
Mr. Hickman asked me when he was running was what is the chance we could win. That was
never anything that entered my mind. It was a matter of what was right or wrong; it was what was
morally right. I have never spoken anything to the community except for the truth. The
settlement agreement gives us some provision so the noise, light, and air pollution can be a little
less, rather than wait maybe years down the road with the possibility of getting less. We will
continue to be a watchdog and that will not stop. Thank all of you for the role you have played.

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