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Local Chamber Gets Ethical
Monday, August 29, 2005 4:09:08 PM - Monroe Ohio

The Chamber of Commerce's Board of Directors at their regularly scheduled monthly meeting on August 25 made several decisions that we want to share with our investors.

A new Code of Ethical Practices was adopted. A board task force lead by Chuck Barton and including Lenny Robinson and Paul Nisbet began researching the need for and determining the elements of a written Ethics Policy to serve as a basis for ethical decision-making in the conduct of professional work and for judging the merit of a formal complaint pertaining to a violation of the professional ethical standards. The state chamber of commerce developed a similar policy last year based on recent national level scandals with certain not-for-profits and for profit organizations.

A new Public Policy Guide was adopted. The Public Affairs Team lead by Greg Martin developed this policy guide for determining positions and endorsements. The chamber recognizes its leadership obligation to the community in addition to its desire to further the interests of the businesses who are investors in the organization. Any organization or individual requesting a chamber position or endorsement must complete a new request form giving sufficient time (at least 3 weeks or longer) and information for the staff and Public Affairs to review and discuss the request. While the intention is to provide sufficient time for consideration of any request within the normally scheduled meeting times of the Public Affairs Team and the Board, if necessary, the Board and/or Team could call emergency meetings to accommodate certain special needs of the requestor.

Bill Triick, President

The Chamber of Commerce

Serving Middletown, Monroe and Trenton


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