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Lora Stillman for City Council
Wednesday, October 22, 2003 12:00:00 AM - Monroe Ohio
Lora Stillman, candidate, wants to be elected to Monroe City Council. Below are her answers to questions put forth by posters from this website.

Reason for running for City Council-
The decision to run for City Council was made in order to contribute to the well-being of the community. I have 15 years of business experience, including creating and maintaining a budget for up to 70 associates, managing a credit card portfolio worth hundreds of millions of dollars, and writing innovative operating procedures. This business experience will be directly applied to the decision making needed to run an efficient and successful city government. I have a strong attention to detail while also keeping the “Big Picture” in sight.

The #1 priority for Monroe-
We need to have improved communication between the citizens, businesses, and the city government to ensure that we are all working together as a team. Lack of communication creates misperceptions and causes incorrect decision making. The existing government’s lack of communication, and miscommunication, has resulted in overspending, perceived deception, irate citizens, and a fiscal deficit.

Parks are essential for a strong community. They provide a place to meet, play, and exercise together. However due to the current financial situation, it is necessary to proceed cautiously with plans to develop our new parks. The city’s park system needs to be evaluated as a part of the city’s long-term goals, including the planning of the infrastructures and the calculation of the costs.

Budget Problems-
There are many theories and much finger-pointing in regards to whom is responsible for the budget deficit. I believe that only those previously involved with the City Government can answer this question, and even then there is a difference in opinion and perception. However, there is no reason for this situation to be an issue in the future. There needs to be a continuation of the present reduction in expenditures and increase in revenues with our long-term goals always in sight. There must be more involvement by the Council members in making certain that all financial information has been received, reviewed, and understood before making future fiscal decisions.

Veterans Memorial-
It is important to remember our history and those who gave the ultimate sacrifice…their lives. These men and women deserve to be recognized and remembered. I have seen other cities successfully raise the building funds from private and corporate donations. I encourage the citizens of Monroe to show their support by creating a volunteer fundraising group and to work towards the creation of a worthy memorial.

State Route 63 extension-
This extension could be beneficial to Monroe and is necessary to have a safer route to the western towns, however caution must be used when making decisions pertaining to this. It is my opinion that our city officials have acted reasonably and prudently when dealing with this issue. If elected, I would continue on this course by being willing to work with the State and the County to create the extension, however never at a detriment to our City.
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