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Mark Bursley: Light Up The Sky 89.9% of Target
Monday, June 25, 2012 9:30:15 AM - Monroe Ohio

Photo by Vincent Rush

by John Beagle

Since 2007, Light Up the Sky has been making the 4th of July special. If you would like to volunteer, please let Mark Bursley, Owner of the Red Onion, know.

"Please help us make this an event to remember! Your help will go a long way in continuing to make Monroe a place that you are proud to call home!" - Mark Bursley

During its Regular Council Meeting on June 12 of this year, Mark Bursley, Chairperson for the Light Up The Sky committee, asked council for help in the way of police, fire and emergency staff. Chairman Bursley said that the event is 89.9% of their target goal for the event.

Other noteworthy :

- 25% More Food Vendors
- Cone Ice Cream
- $11k worth of Rozzi Fireworks 
-Additional Parking Options being discussed
-City Advanced $4590 for Fireworks

Full Council Meeting Minutes by Angela Wasson

Mark Bursley, Representative of the Light Up The Sky Committee, sought the City’s assistance
in police auxiliary, EMS, and Public Works. He met with Brian of the Public Works Department
and will meet with the Fire Chief. We have a different fireworks company and we are at 89.9%
of where we need to be. We need $14,600 and have the potential to receive $17,000 if
everything comes through. He felt confident we will obtain enough funds to cover the budget. Rozzi is handling the
fireworks and it has increased from $10,000 to $11,000 and they require a down payment in the
amount of $4,590. He requested that the City loan the Committee this amount until the
remaining donations are received. Most of the $3,500 of the budget comes from the day of the
event. We have increased the number of food booths by 25% and are still looking for craft booths.
We will have a large barbeque pit, Cajun vendor, multiple type product vendors, and the Cone
ice cream will be there.
Mayor Routson stated this is a great event and the City had always been on board to support this.
He asked what the City’s costs were for last year. Mr. Brock did do not recall, but in years past
it has been less than $7,000. We did a lot with the electric in the past that will not need to be done this
Mr. Black asked about the parking situation. Mr. Bursley said it is the same and will speak with
the Police Department as State Route 63 is the biggest problem. Mr. Black asked if we could do
anything with the light at State Route 63 and Main and Elm Street. Mr. Brock felt we could put
Elm Street on flash and still have control over State Route 63 and Main Street. Mr. Black asked
when he needed to have the payment for Rozzi and Mr. Bursley just signed the contract, so he
would need the money as soon as possible. Mr. Black asked if we had anything budgeted. Mr.
Brock indicated that we typically do not budget for this, but we can take it out of the Park
Improvement Fund.
Mayor Routson moved that the City provide the same type of services, with additional help at
State Route 63; seconded by Mrs. Hale. Voice vote. Mr. Kelley abstained. Motion carried.
Mr. Black moved to advance the sum of $4,590 to the Light Up the Sky Committee for Rozzi’s
fireworks; Mrs. Hale seconded. Voice vote. Mr. Kelley abstained. Motion carried.

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