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MEA Endorsed Birdwell, Leeds, Finch 4 School Board
Wednesday, November 2, 2005 12:25:06 PM - Monroe Ohio
On October 17, 2005 the Monroe Education Association (MEA), along with the Monroe City Council, conducted a public forum to listen to the five candidates running for the three (3) vacancies on the Monroe Local Board of Education. All five candidates participated in this event by responding to general questions, as well as those submitted specifically for the individual.

Following the forum, the leadership of the Monroe Education Association reviewed the comments made by each candidate to determine if a recommendation should be made to its membership. After careful deliberation, it was decided to recommend Tom Birdwell, Tom Leeds and Harry Finch as candidates for the positions on the Board.

One basis for our recommendation is the balance that these three men will bring to the board. Each has a different perspective, background and experience and will be able to complement each other when making decisions regarding our school district. We believe this is important not only to the employees in the district, but to the community in general.

Additionally, the MEA, which serves as the union for 170 employees, both certified and non-certified, believes it is essential to recognize the contributions made by all employees. This requires a good relationship with the board to allows us to continue to move our district forward as we face the daily challenges of educating our young people.

Please join us on November 8 in electing Tom Leeds, Tom Birdwell and Harry Finch to the Board of Education.

Scott Decker

President, Monroe Education Association
1952 Michelle Lane
Middletown, Ohio 45044

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