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Middfest International Announcement
Monday, June 20, 2005 4:24:09 PM - Monroe Ohio

FOR MEDIA FILE                              CONTACT: Vanessa Wynn, Shy Hill Marketing

                                                                                    Phone 513-420-1574

                                                                                    Fax 513-420-9082



Fast Facts








Middfest International began in 1981.

This three day educational and cultural event attracts more than 100,000 people annually.

Its mission: to promote world understanding, friendship and peace, by showcasing a different country every year. 

This year experience the Indigenous Peoples as

Middfest International celebrates its 25th Anniversary.


Event Dates:

Friday, September 30, 5-10 pm (Opening ceremony at 6pm)

Saturday, October 1, 10 am–10 pm

Sunday, October 2, 12 Noon–8 pm (Exhibits close at 6pm, Finale begins at 6pm)


Cost:               Adults $5 for all three days, no charge for children under 12


Where:            Donham Plaza, downtown, Middletown, Ohio


Save the Dates:

Exhibit Walk Thru & Indigenous Peoples Welcome, Sunday,

September 25th , hosted by members of the Miami Indians


Garden Party Gala & preview of Indigenous Garden Center, September 29


Business and Sponsors Breakfast, September 30


School Tours of Exhibits –September 26 – September 29


Indigenous Guests, Experts & Dignitaries in Schools and Universities throughout the Tri-State area, September 26-29







For Event Information:


Phone:              513-425-7707


Fax:                  513-425-7921

Publicity:         Vanessa Wynn/Shy Hill Marketing

Phone:              513-420-1574

Fax:                  513-420-9082



All media should send their favored means of contact to:, for updates as they become available.





These Countries have accepted the Middfest International invitation

to be a part of the 2005 event.


            Country                          Represented by It’s Indigenous People

            New Zealand                          Maori

            Norway                                   Sami

            Chile                                       Mapuche & Aymara

            South Africa                           Bushmen & Khoi

            Canada                                   Inuit

            Japan                                      Ainu

            USA                                        Miami Indian Tribe of Oklahoma


Dignitaries from these countries have been invited to participate throughout the event. Members of the Miami Tribe are the official co-host of the occasion.  Joseph Leonard, PhD. at Miami University, and, son of the Miami Tribe Chief, Floyd E. Leonard, will represent the Miami Indigenous Tribe.    


(Names, times and dates will be posted on our website for the media as they become available.)


MC opening night ceremony.  Not confirmed at this time.



Suggested Interview Topics:

¨      Thumbnail sketch of each of the indigenous groups represented.

¨      Do Indigenous People live in the past? How are their contemporary lives like or different from those of the people who dominate their present culture?

¨      Is there a worldwide network of indigenous people?

¨      How have our indigenous plants and flowers also evolved?

¨      Which non-indigenous plants to our area might grow here?

¨      What recent plant discoveries may affect lives and what were the original uses of these plants by indigenous populations?

¨      How Middfest International through it’s 25 year history, has promoted partnerships locally and worldwide; partnerships with academic associations, business enterprises, governments, family to family and individual to individual.

¨      Understanding why education is a priority and how it fits into the mix.

(Our complete classroom teacher’s educational guide is ready for downloading at our website.

¨      Volunteerism is the crux of our event.  To emphasize this, introduce those who have served for our entire 25 years.  We call it extreme commitment.




Our visitors are available for interviewing and photos with notice.

 Some will use interpreters.









Pre-Event Opportunities



Tour Middfest offices by appointment.

Offices are open Monday – Friday from 9am til 5pm

Interview Executive Director, Virginia Ritan

Call 513-425-7707 for more information.


Spring and Summer Events include:


Sunrise Blast:

Saturday, June 11 at 7:45 in Bicentennial Commons on Carmody in Middletown.  Volunteers will be selecting the committees they would like to work on and have other questions answered.


The morning will consist of:

            Indigenous Flag Raising

Morning speakers

            Madison School Steel Band

            Scrumptious Breakfast provided by The Blue Goose in Middletown

            Great Coffee supplied by Java Johnnies in Middletown

            Table Top floral designs by Flowers by Rogers from Middletown



Summer Party


Saturday, August 6 at Bulls Run Arboretum in Middletown.


 By attending this event you can expect great entertainment, food, soft drinks, prizes and more. RSVP is requested, call 513-425-7707.


Fall Events include:

September 25

Exhibit Walk Thru & Indigenous Peoples Welcome    

September 26–29     

Indigenous Guests, Experts & Dignitaries in Schools and Universities                                                                                                                                                                                                                              throughout the Tri-State area.

September 29

Special Opening Reception and Garden Party Gala with a preview of the Indigenous Garden Center, Hosted by the Miami Indians

September 30

Business and Sponsors Breakfast


October 2

                        Closing Ceremony and finale @ 6pm



Look for details on post event Photo Show.  Take your best shot of any Middfest International event and show off! 


Food & Souvenirs






Follow your nose and it will lead you to authentic international foods offered in our food court.  We will also have food demonstrations throughout the weekend.

Italian   Greek   Asian – only the beginning!


Open all three days:

Food Court

Wine Garden

World Bazaar

Exhibits Centers

Cultural Displays   











   Sponsored by Target Stores


Village Life will provide the theme for this park designed especially for children up to 12 years of age. There, through games, crafts, storytelling, music and other hands on activities our young guests can explore these ancient cultures on their own level. 


Special Activities:


¨      Whirlwind Round Robin sessions at the Drum and Dance Circle

¨      Native American POW WOW, led by members of the Miami Tribe

¨      Mask Making & Craft sessions led by members of the South African ArcheDream Company

¨      Story Telling session with John Two Hawks

¨      Special commemorative badges are available for attendees.


Youth Park is open all through the celebration weekend.


October 1

Super Saturday for Kids-9am and 12 noon offers a special morning for groups such as scouts, church youth groups, and other children to learn and explore.  Call to register individuals or groups, 513-425-7707.



Weekend Culture & Entertainment







Live Performances on Three Stages




Animal Center

            All variety of animals will be located in the animal center, plus,  Horses, Llama, and Reindeer. Visitors from the Columbus Zoo will also be bringing special guests.


            A primitive breed dog show featuring African Hunting Dogs, Basenji; Mastif; Wolf type Breeds, Huskies, German Shepard, and Malamute is in the planning stage.



Native Garden Center

¨      Featuring the indigenous flowers and plants of seven countries

¨      Flower show landscaped by professional designer, Warren Klink of Urban Landscapes

¨      Waterfall Installations; Provided by Henger Ponds of Vandalia, Ohio

¨      Woodland Garden

¨      Rain Garden

¨      Herbal and Sacred Plants Garden


Class room projects related to the indigenous people

¨      Art

¨      Crafts

¨      Stories



Music & Dance:


Performers representing other cultures include:


ArcheDream from South Africa

John Two Hawks from the Native American culture

Wayanay Inka from Peru

Seona McDowell from Australia

Barvinok from Brazil

Drum and Dance Circle


Regional Groups from southwest Ohio:


Curtis Tucker with Carillons, Symphony and Chorus

The Queen City Chorus from Cincinnati

Jim McCutcheon - a featured performer at Middfest since the early 1980s.


Film & Conversations:


Interact with experts and scholars at Middfest International to share knowledge about our guest cultures.


Dr. William W. Fitzhugh, the Director of the Arctic Studies Center and Chairman of the Department of Anthropology, National Museum of Natural History, Smithsonian Institution, is a specialist in circumpolar anthropology and archeology who has spent more than 30 years studying and publishing on arctic peoples and cultures in northern Canada, Alaska, Siberian, and Scandinavia.


Dr. Fitzhugh has authored several books and papers, plus, produced film series for NOVA, Viking Films, Ward-Chronkite Television and produced four international exhibitions.  He has also received the prestigious Smithsonian Distinguished Lecturer Award.


Several books written by Dr. Fitzhugh will be for sale during Middfest.


Times and locations of all entertainment – TBA













Time Warner Cable

Miami University, Middletown Campus

Ohio Arts Council

Pennsylvania Performing Arts on Tour

Heartland Arts Fund

Target Stores

Middletown CVB

Temple-Inland Company

City of Middletown

Town Mall

Middletown Public Library

Cox Ohio

Bethart Printing

Miller Brewing Company






























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