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Middfest Presents Annual MIRA Awards
Friday, November 28, 2003 12:42:29 PM - Monroe Ohio
Middfest International Recognition Awards are presented each fall to outstanding volunteers who have performed their duties beyond what might reasonably be expected.

On Saturday, November 8, the dedicated Middfest volunteer corps met for the award dinner at Brown’s Run Country Club.

Those presented the coveted MIRA award were.

Middletown Municipal Court Judge Mark Wall for his continuing service as co-chair of Middfest and several stints as on-stage emcee including mastery of the difficult names of foreign visitors.

Master craftsman Tom Pressler who has built several of the large Middfest displays including a whale’s tail for the Norway display, a 12 foot observatory water clock, rain gauge and printing block for the Korean display, five safari animals including a 15 foot giraffe for the African display and the 2003 Nessie – Loch Ness Monster and Falkirk boat lift.

University of Dayton chemistry professor Kent Piepgrass who has taken on the difficult science subjects and helped make them understandable through Middfest displays. His projects have included displays on heavy water, hydroelectric energy, metallurgy, natural calcification, key science figures of ancient Greece and sustainable energy for the 20th anniversary Middfest celebration.

Mary Lou and Don McCormick have been involved since 1985 and has been focused on food, transportation and housing for international guests. At times, the McCormicks have been in charge of seeing to the comfort and wellbeing of up to 250 guests from all over the world.

Joan Boring and Deirdre Root, both librarians with the Middletown Public Library, were honored for their continued work and detailed research in finding supporting materials, displays and performers for the various Middfest projects. Their work with literature and drama are particularly outstanding contributions.

The 2003 inductees into the MIRA group join many past honorees as outstanding volunteers bringing Middfest to the Midwest each year for over 20 years.

Middfest International is a year-long international friendship educational program culminating in a three-day festive event in downtown Middletown, Ohio. In 2004, Middfest International will feature Chile on October 1,2 & 3. For more information, please call 513-425-7707, email Send Email, or visit the website at

Story Submitted by Ann Mort
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