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Middletown Council Speaks about SunCoke ReZoning
Thursday, May 8, 2008 3:29:17 PM - Monroe Ohio


by John Beagle

Ordinance No. O2008-39 was passed unanimously despite pleas from the Monroe City Manager, Bill Brock, a representative from Garden Manor and many prominent Monroe citizens. Ed Ricter of the Middletown Journal reported that "..according to the fire marshal, there were close to 200 people in council chambers and another 30 people in overflow areas." Many were from Monroe, Ohio.

David Schiavone dismissed himself from the discussion due to conflict of interest. Mayor Mulligan said "this is not an easy decision for council. There is allot to consider." He went on to say, "there is a significant impact to people. And we don't take that lightly at all."

Anita Scott said, "Someone is going to be unhappy tonight. ...I do not take that lightly, and to prove it I answered every email that was sent to me."

Tony Marconi said, "This [decision] has not been made in haste...I wish it could be both ways, but its not both ways."

Bill Becker said, "I want to commend every-one's professionalism here tonight. Its been a long day, a long stressful night....Everybody deserves credit."

Betsy Par, Clerk of Court for Middletown, called the roll. All voted in favor of the rezoning.

SunCoke estimates it would take about 18 months to construct the plant. The plant is projected produce 550,000 tons of coke and 50 megawatts of electricity annually.

Video Source: TV Middletown

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