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Middletown Pro-Levy Commitee Formed
Friday, August 11, 2006 5:43:54 PM - Monroe Ohio



Terming passage of Middletown’s city levy this November “vital to Middletown’s future,” five respected Middletown citizens will head  the grassroots campaign effort and announced formation of a citizens committee---Citizens for Middletown’s Future---that will coordinate the “vote yes” effort, beginning with an organizational meeting next Thursday.


Nancy Nix, banker and former City Council member, will serve as treasurer of the committee with co-chairs  Realtor John Sawyer, retired businessman Michael Scorti, CPA Tim Pruett and Public Relations business owner Ann Mort leading the community campaign.


“This campaign isn’t being run by City Hall. It will be a citizen effort. From every corner of our city, residents who care about Middletown’s future are coming forward to support the levy. They know that without passage of the income tax Middletown will face a very troubled future,” said City Manager Bill Becker. These five leading citizens will coordinate a campaign that will reach into every home to inform Middletown residents about why passage is so vital.”


Middletown voters will be hearing a great deal from them in the next three months. We asked for assistance and are very, very pleased at the enthusiasm of these long-time Middletown citizens,” said Becker.


Ann Mort, spokesperson for the committee, announced an open community meeting to organize sub-committees with duties directed toward passage of the issue.  The meeting will be next Thursday, August 17, 7-9 pm, at the Chamber of Commerce conference room, 1500 Central Avenue.

“We are looking for all those people who love Middletown and want to see our city be progressive and move ahead,” said Mort. “Volunteers are needed to help with mailings, place yard signs, make phone calls and help get the word out to all our neighbors, family and friends in Middletown so everyone has all the information they need to vote YES in November. We are asking those who want to support the “Citizens For Middletown’s Future” effort to join us in this campaign.”


Those who wish to be a part of the campaign are asked to come to the meeting which will include a short presentation by City Manager Bill Becker on the need for the levy followed by an outline of the campaign plans and an opportunity for everyone to join a subcommittee of his or her choice.



The committee will accept donations to help pay for printing, postage, signs, etc. and ask that checks be sent to the Citizens For Middletown’s Future, c/o Nancy Nix at 5022 Oakview Drive, Middletown, OH 45044.   


“This will be a campaign that is very positive in its tone,” said Mort, “because it’s a referendum on Middletown’s future. People know our city is at a critical crossroads. We must act now to bring jobs and stability to Middletown.  It seems we hear a lot from those who just want to tear down the city and dwell on the negative. That’s not what Citizens for Middletown’s Future is all about.  We want to be positive and roll up our sleeves to work for this wonderful community’s betterment.”



Paid for by Citizens for Middletown’s Future

Nancy Nix, Treasurer, 5022 Oakview Drive, Middletown, Ohio 45042

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