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Minutes for the January 9th PTO meeting
Wednesday, January 15, 2003 12:00:00 AM - Monroe Ohio
Minutes for the January 9th PTO meeting held in the library:

1. Present: Kelly Myers, Kelli Siler, Dreama Holderby, Martin Holderby, Susan Cooper, Kim Somerfield, Shawna Wells, Robin MacLeman, Vicki Verkley, Patti Shull, Regina Harvey, Joanne Morgan, Shelley Kowalsigh, Tona Vires, Ann Hinkle

2. Secretary Report:

a. November minutes were read to those present.
b. Minutes approved

3. Treasury Report:

a. Reports were distributed.
b. Santa Shop was again a success. Susan Beagle managed the fundraiser; her goal was to break even, however the event raised $213.73 for the school.
c. Vicki Verkley managed this event, and income generated was $2,668.54 (from the sale of $7,099.00 worth of candy). There are still monies outstanding, and Vicki is storing additional candy for future sales at other events. This was another successful effort!
d. The PTO purchased a new keyboard to the school! Ms. Knicely is thrilled to have such a wonderful instrument for the students. She will give a short concert to the PTO at the beginning of February's meeting.
e. All PTO expenses were covered with a December balance of $13,000.

4. New Business:

a. The PTO would like to entice more teachers to be involved with the organization. Kelly will write a letter to all teachers asking for their participation to help make the PTO meet the needs of the students and the teachers.
b. Campbell labels are now going to the Methodist Church.
c. The Box Top fundraiser needs more awareness. This is free money to the school! Ms. Shull will place a 'blurb' in the school newsletter, and a product list will be attached. Ann will help coordinate this effort.
d. The Schwans program is in need of someone to manage it. Kelli offered to review the current status and make suggestions for improvement.
e. Margie has graciously offered to manage Market Day for the 2003-2004 school year.
f. Fun Fest is tentatively scheduled for May 17 from 12:00-3:00. Presale tickets will be sold; a Talent Show is a possibility; a separate seating area for parents will be designated; and Ann will coordinate room baskets.
g. Teachers are to receive profits from the sale of Popcorn. Regina will work with Joann to ensure the monies are distributed.
h. The Harvest Gram fundraiser was a huge success, thanks to Shelley! Shelley will work with Vicki and Kelli to streamline the process for Valentine Grams.
i. Zap-a-Snacks is very profitable, with limited effort. Robin agreed to manage this fundraiser. Checks will be accepted.
j. COSI will take place on two consecutive days because our student population has grown. Margie is a resource for this event. It was suggested that High School students may be available to assist - Mr. Smith's Science Club would be an excellent group to contact.
k. Dreama has stepped in as the second Treasurer to support Joanne. She is in training and will act as a 'checks & balance' for the organization.
l. PTO Officers are to write a brief job description to be used for the 2003-2004 officers. Feel free to add tasks that you would like to include in your role. These will be reviewed at the next meeting. Consider whether you will return to the Board or move on to another role in the district. There is now a PTO folder in the mailbox room - check frequently for hardcopy mail. Also, if possible, consider using email to communicate.

5. Old Business:

a. The PTO notified the 'Specials' teachers to make a wish list for the PTO. We would like to help each one with tools/equipment for their classrooms. All students participate in these classrooms, so the monies would be enjoyed by all. Ms. Knicely has a new keyboard, and Mr. Kenerly submitted his request to Ms. Shull. She will review the requests and work with the PTO on the purchasing agreements. Richies' Pawn Shop is working with the school to supply woodwinds at a reduced cost.
b. The school has requested a wheelchair to move sick or injured children through the school and to their cars. Kelli is working on a donation.
c. Playground commercial trash cans were delivered, but they were damaged. They were returned for new ones.

Next meeting: Thursday, February 6 @ 5:30. Meet in the Music Room.

Respectfully submitted by: Ann Hinkle
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