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Monroe 3 Year Teacher Contract Approved by School Board
Thursday, May 26, 2011 2:02:56 PM - Monroe Ohio

by John Beagle

The Monroe Board of Education approved a three (3) year contract with the MEA (Monroe Education Association) for the teachers and classified employees of the Monroe School District. Here Mike Stanger discusses the contract negotiation process along with School Board Member Brett Guido and Superintendent Libbie Lolli. 

"I just want to thank both sides for a quick process for negotiations. I think both sides were very flexible and we wanted to do what was best for the district." MEA President Mike Stanger

A new teachers salary index was developed by a joint committee comprised of building and central office administrators, teachers and board members who met about once per week since negotiations began in January.

"I also want to thank the sub committee that got the index worked out," said the MEA president.

School Board Member Brett Guido said, "We worked on close to a dozen schedules that day, so that was a long day. It was a good thing for us to sit down together and have the participation we had."

 Superintendent Lolli had this to say, "I think, Mr. Stanger, the whole process starting in January [2011], where we worked together on the index was a thoughtful process." 

The new salary schedule is projected to save the school district over $93,000 per year. Payroll runs approximately $500,000 per pay period or $13 Million per year according to School Treasurer Kelley Thorpe. The cut represents a $93000 or approximately 0.7% savings off the total payroll expense. This is significant since payroll expense has risen most of the years since the district was originally formed in 2000. 

The teachers salary schedule was revised from a 5.25 percent step to a 2.75 percent step with a 1 percent increase over the entire three year contract. This means teachers for example, during their first 15 years of employment with Monroe Local Schools, would recieve only 3.75% increase in the first year of this contract and then only 2.75 percent for each of years two and three of the contract. This represents a 2.5% savings per teacher per year of the contract. Additionally, the agreement moves first year teacher base level from $34,000 to $38,000 a year.

Classified Monroe School District employees recieve a 1% increase for each of the three years covered by the contract but are not covered by a salary schedule.

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