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Monroe Athletic Association Growth at 65-80 kids/year
Thursday, September 13, 2007 2:12:58 PM - Monroe Ohio

by Michael Gilmartin:

We were told last night that the Athletic Associations programs are growing by 65-80 kids per year. Soccer, Baseball and Softball programs need park space for these kids to benefit.

The Park Board is going to supply the Baseball Association the materials that they will need to rebuild the dug-outs and paint the back-stops to make them safe and more presentable. This I have heard has been offered to them in the past and has never been followed through with. We were assured last night that they would get it done.

I agree with having space for a beautification/educational project either by a gardening group or the schools horticultural classes. Education and Parks benefit from any of these types of activities.

As for the comment about the inner-city park being attended to. I would like to know what you think needs to be addressed here?

The BMX track has been in the works for quite some time. As I understand it, this association will do all the labor for building the track and maintaining it. This will be a very cost effective attraction for all the kids to participate in. Along with the RC racers I feel it is a big winner.

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