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Monroe Board of Education Minutes For February 20, 2010
Monday, March 22, 2010 11:53:01 AM - Monroe Ohio


            Minutes of February 20, 2010             Board Retreat


The Board of Education of the Monroe Local School District in the County of Butler, State of Ohio, held its board retreat on the 20th day of February 2010 in the Monroe Board of Education Office, located in Monroe, Ohio.

The Treasurer, Mrs. Kelley Thorpe, recorded the minutes.

Roll Call — showed the following members present: Mr. Brett Guido, Mr. Mike Lane, Mr. John MacDonald, Mr. Chris Snyder, and Mrs. Leslie Stone. Also present were Acting Superintendent, Broc Bidlack, Treasurer, Mrs. Kelley Thorpe, and guests as listed in Appendix “A”, which is attached and becomes an official part of these minutes. Superintendent Dr. Elizabeth Lolli was absent.

All presentations/documents presented to the Board are available in the Treasurer’s Office, as referenced in the body of these minutes.

Mrs. Thorpe presented an overview of school finance and funding to the board members. A copy of the presentation documents is available in the Treasurer’s office as an attachment to these minutes.

Topics covered by Mrs. Thorpe included:
• the new Ohio Evidenced-Based Model funding formula by the Ohio Department of Education,
• an overview of millage rates and property valuation,
• a historical overview of student enrollment, revenues, and expenses,
• Monroe’s debt obligations and capacities, and
• the impact of any future levies or millage moves.

Board members were given the opportunity to ask questions and discuss each topic throughout the retreat.

Resolution No. 10-120 Adjournment

Mr. MacDonald moved and Mr. Guido seconded the motion to adjourn the meeting at 11:18 a.m.


AYES: (5) Mr. Guido, Mr. Lane, Mr. MacDonald, Mr. Snyder, Mrs. Stone

NOES: (0) The president declared the motion carried.




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