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Tuesday, September 13, 2005 9:10:55 AM - Monroe Ohio

AUGUST 17, 2005

Attendees : Ted Rarig, Joe Halman, Doreen Harrington, Diane Wilson, Stu Wilson, Jamie Pierce, Rocky Sebastian, Ann Hinkle, Pat Harrington, Mary Griffin, and Mike Smith.

Meeting was called to order

All said the Pledge of Allegiance

Reading of the Treasurer's Report - Anita not present Reading of July

Minutes - approved by Rocky, second by Mary Griffin

Old Business :

Record Boards: School Pride has been the approved vender with a $10,000 cap by the Record Board Committee, and was presented before the boosters. Motion to approve by Doreen Harrington, second by Joe Halman.

Programs: Ads are selling well, up 14% from last year - make sure to tell everyone to visit the businesses buying the ads. The only FREE programs go to the press box and the athletic director.

Concession: Mike Smith trying to trade in old hotdog cooker and nacho machine for a new bun warmer. Need to move the Booster sign from inside concession to outside. Going to be using grills to cook the hotdogs and hamburgers, need more? Coolers were delivered on 8/17 - still need the trim the countertops for more room. Volleyball Tournament to be held at Monroe High School -

Boosters will buy a page Ad, $155.00, Southwest District Division 3. Boosters will need to run double concession stand for this week.

The Hive: moved to new stadium and to be set-up on the corner of the field.

Tailgate Party: starting at 5:30 the night of the game and ending shortly after the game. Boosters to pick up the parking lot after tailgating.

Danbarry Theater - open to all Monroe High fall student athletes after 9:00 on Saturday night - 8/20/05 - Danbarry does not buy Ads in any programs.

New Business:

Booster Athletic Scholarships - $2000/year, what denominations?

Qualifications: Student's parents need to work 2 functions? Table to next meeting.

Mission Statement - Do we need one? Nice to have one? Table to next meeting.

Scoreboard: Two spots are open for advertisements - Boosters rent one? Proudly Supported by Monroe Athletic Boosters?

Booster Web Page: Ann will talk to Craig Hession

 State Qualifiers: Plaques to be presented to Nicki and Seth at first home football game.

 Monthly Raffle:

 $75.00 - Don & Elaine Garver

 $50.00 - Ann Hinkle - donated back to the club

 $25.00 - Don & Jeanette Sprague

Meeting Adjourned: motion Ann Hinkle, second Pat Harrington

Submitted by Pat Harrington

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