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Thursday, December 15, 2005 9:01:26 AM - Monroe Ohio

November 16, 2005

Attendees: Ted Rarig, Doreen Harrington, Pat Harrington, Rob Kilburn, Pam Kilburn, Tammy McMonigle, John Singleton, Jennifer Burnside, Jane Majors, Glen Majors, Mary Griffin, John Osterman, Jamie Pierce, Stu Wilson, Matt Long, Jason Dearth, Rocky Sebastian, Diane Wilson, Dave Hughes, & Anita Williams.



Meeting was called to order


All said the Pledge of Allegiance


John Singleton wants to form a committee for a Hall of Fame determines who get                           

       Nominated, by what selection process classes by decades?  Also talked about

       The Victory Bell wall both items tabled until next meeting.


Motion to approve the Minutes after 1 correction, 50/50 raffle from 10/19/05, winning     

       number was called and winner came forward motion, Pam Kilburn 2nd Anita


Reading of the Treasures Report motion Dave Hughes, 2nd Doreen Harrington


Checking with John Singleton pay for the flowers for senior night.

        Also check who John gets T shirts from should buy ad in program.


Standard Projects Update:

        Winter Programs some pictures are taken, waiting on Football Team to finish

        Season need programs by December 13, not be completed for girls 1st home game.

        Motion to place ad in Basketball Sectional Program voted down purchased an ad

        for sectional volleyball tournament, but it was held at Monroe.


        Concession Stand Motion to purchase larger gas grill, price to $1000.00 Rob

        Kilburn 2nd Matt Long


       Varsity Club 1st meeting 11/17/05 collecting volunteers for Lite Up Middletown,

       Also doing community service for Feed Hope House.


       Hornet Mats N/A


      50/50 Raffle Varsity M Club doing only at boys weekend games.


      Website Matt Long is the Webmaster Craig Hesson built the site


Old Business:

       Record Boards to be up by the boys first home game.

       Hornet Package Package the Hornet Mats with the purchase of Hornet Patron.


       Mission Statement N/A


       Jumbo Poker Optimist Club is putting on a Spring Fest, Rocky and Eddie to chair.


New Business:

       Jason Krause to give an update next month on weight room equipment suggest a

       Common Supervisor for all sports personnel to use equipment come up with time

       Schedule, boys and girls. Empty weights off of bars for the next person.


       Basketball software is only working 70% of the time company is working with

       Dave Farrish to improve.


       Requests from coaches should go thru Athletics Dept first then to Boosters.

       Emergency amounts need to be approved by 75% of the officers.


       Plaques for David Miller State Cross County, Beth Davidson state Soccer 3rd



       Jamie Pierce to address Flag for library.


Monthly Raffle:

       $75.00 Greg & Tina Ott

       $50.00 Mary Griffin winner

       $25.00 Al Helsey


Motion to adjourn Rob Kilburn, 2nd Mary Griffin

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