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Monroe Business Council Members Upset with Mid-Miami Valley Chamber of Commerce
Friday, August 9, 2002 12:00:00 AM - Monroe Ohio
MSM - Monroe City Building - Monroe City Manager Don Whitman and Mayor Mike Morris both took issue with Chamber President Dave Daugherty regarding the hospital relocating. At issue here is nearly $1 million in Payroll Tax revenue. Per Donald Whitman, "Both Middletown and Monroe city officials are negotiating in good faith and are close to an agreement regarding tax revenues and geographic location of the hospital. The chamber should have remained neutral on the issue."

The Mid Miami Valley Chamber of Commerce (MMV) represents Trenton, Middletown and Monroe. The Monroe Business Council, made up of member businesses in Monroe, is a division of MMV.

David Daugherty said that he was pressured by the board to take the position to keep the hospital in Middletown. AK Steel, a board member, is concerned about being the only ‘large‘ business in the area and at AK Steels urging as well as other board members, the Chamber took the position that its supports the hospital remaining in Middletown. "It is our hope and desire that Middletown Regional Hospital remain within the City of Middletown."

There was some talk of splitting off from MMV and starting an independent Monroe Chamber of Commerce. That talk stopped due to the lack of interest. Currently there are 40 Monroe Businesses that participate in the MMV, the total membership exceeds 600. So Monroe represents less than 10% of the total MMV membership. David Daugherty said that Monroe gets more than 10% of the benefits of the chamber. "Two of the past 4 presidents of the chamber came from the Monroe business community."

The Monroe Business Council generally meets on the First Friday of every month at 7:30 am - 9 am in the Monroe Community Center at the city building.
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