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Monroe Council Does Not Need an Office
Friday, June 17, 2011 3:00:56 PM - Monroe Ohio

by Brawlin Melgar

During a special meeting of the Monroe Council on May 7, 2011, it was decided by council that an office is not needed for offical business. The office conversation started when Councilman Todd Hickman raised the question as to why council has an office in the first place. According to records obtained by, council appears to not use offices specifically designated for their use. Options for the use of the now vacant offices include turning the space into two offices and giving the office to the police department or other city workers who do not need to meet with the public. 

Here is a transcript of the conversation:

Mr. Hickman doesn’t understand why we have those offices behind the Council Chambers.

Mrs. Stillman asked how often they are used.

Mr. Black felt that you could take the Council office and turn it into two offices.

Mrs. Stillman felt if the Mayor needed a place to work he could use another space in the building. She confirmed that Council is all in agreement that if not both at least one of those offices are not needed.

Mrs. Rubin felt they could be used by employees that do not interact with the public frequently. Mr. Hickman felt the police department could use both of those offices as there is a stairway directly to the police department.

It was the consensus of Council that they did not need an office.


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