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Monroe Focus Group Questions
Friday, September 26, 2008 12:49:50 PM - Monroe Ohio
Focus Group Questions

Monroe Local School District


Purpose:  To gather input from the community on the school district and the facilities issues.

Please fill out the questionnaire and bring it with you to the focus group session.  We will be collecting them from participants.  If you cannot attend a focus group please mail your completed form back to Superintendent, 231 Macready Ave., Monroe, Ohio 45050.

Thank you for your input.

1.    Do you believe the Monroe Local Schools has a facilities issue?  If yes, what do you believe the issue is?

2.    Do you think the district should build a new school?  If so, where?

3.    Do you think the district should use existing facilities?  If so, what ideas do you have for accommodating the additional student growth?

4.    What do you believe is the biggest issue facing the district?  Why?

5.    What type of tax campaign do you believe the community would support?

6.    What do the Monroe Schools do well?

7.     What are the areas of improvement the Monroe Schools need to focus on?

8.    If you could offer a suggestion to the district, what would it be?

9.     What should the focus of a strategic plan be for the district?

10.     Other information you would like to provide:

Thank you for your participation.

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