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Monroe Historical Society Report Spring 2011
Tuesday, May 10, 2011 3:43:29 PM - Monroe Ohio

by Kristina Mayes, Deputy Clerk of Court

Susan Wise representing the Monroe Historical Society reported to Council that both museums
on Elm Street will now be open starting May 21st. They are open every third Saturday from 10
am to 2 pm and would like to invite everyone to come out for their grand opening on May 21st.

They will be hosting a quilt and garden show with the Monroe Garden Club. She said the Chickahominy House at 10 Elm Street is a colonial period, but if you haven’t been in the 1910 museum, she recommends you come out to see it.

Ms. Wise said she would like to report that they have done substantial repairs to the cabin at the park. 
They replaced a couple of the logs, and thought they would have spent $2500 on that project. They are 
hoping in the future to get the roof replaced and have some repairs done to the porch.

In response to Mr. Kelley, Susan confirmed the date and time of the Open house as May 21st
from 10am-2pm.

In response to Mr. Black’s inquiry about the confederate event in October, she said the Historical
Society will be the host of that event along with the Confederate State’s Marine Corp. It is still
October 21st-23rd.

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