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Monroe Hornet Fan E News February 2010
Wednesday, February 17, 2010 10:12:51 AM - Monroe Ohio

The mission of the Monroe Athletic Booster Club (MABC) is to facilitate and promote the activities of the Monroe High School's sports programs. MABC will work with the coaches and administration to support the athletic program by providing funds, boosting attendance, building morale and providing an enjoyable healthy environment for the student-athletes.  MABC will be responsible for raising funds required to meet the club's objectives.
•        Upcoming Home Events:
Wednesday, Feb 17     Monroe Athletic Booster Club Meeting  7:00

Friday, Feb 19             Boys Bowling               Sectionals Colerain                            TBA

            7:15                        Girls Basketball            Northridge High School               


Saturday, Feb 20          Girls Bowling                Sectionals - Colerain                            TBA

          2:45                           Girls Basketball            Sectionals – Springboro                      

Monday, Feb 22                  Boys Basketball            Northridge High School                            7:15



·         The sectional bowling tournament takes place Feb. 19 (boys) and 20 (girls) at Colerain Bowl in Cincinnati.


·         Boys team against CarrollChristian Vollmer, Dan Surfus, Justin Fitzgerald, David Sorrell and the team’s top bowler, Cody Neace, combined for six strikes, two spares and just two open frames for a team total 209 game. They had three open frames out of the first four they tossed in the very next game.  Vollmer led the boys team with a 413 two-game series, the second of his career; Justin Fitzgerald tossed a 393 series and Neace was next at 354.  Surfus tossed his first 200 game in competition for a 346 series.


·        Girls team against CarrollTaylor Hartman had high series with a 312, Beth Smalley was next with a 307 and Baker tossed a 302. Autumn Sierra-Holloway fell one pin from joining those two with a 299 series.




·        Area Wrestling Honor Roll

Class             Name                            Place      School Rec.             Pins

112 Pounds   Adam Skeen                   2  nd                    17-6                 11

160     Chris Wilson                             3rd                    17-5                 12

Ben Braun                               6th                    8-8                   7

 285      Logan Pence                            3rd                    13-6                 11

Wrestlers are placed according to winning percentage. Wrestlers with a minimum of 13 varsity decisions are ranked by winning percentage. Counting forfeits as victories is left to the coach’s discretion.


Girls Basketball (8-10, 6-5):


·         The team earned the 11th seed out of 13 teams in the Division II sectional to be held at Springboro High School.  They will play the winner of the CJ-Stivers game at 2:45 p.m. on Feb. 20 at Springboro High School.

·        Defeated Dixie 37-26.

Boys Basketball (0-17):

·        Lost to Ross 32-37.  Geoff Daniels 1 0 2; Cody Ridinger 6 2 14; Zach Pate 2 0 5; David Routson 0 1 1; Sam Thompson 4 0 8; Ramone Boyce 1 0 2.

·        Lost to Kings 44-60. 


Pulse Journal ‘Athlete of the Week’:  Cody Ridinger


Claim to fame: “I was first team all-SWBL and Defensive Player of the Year in baseball last season.”

Bet you didn’t know: “I play baseball all year round.”

Toughest opponent:Madison, they’re ranked No. 2 in the state.”

Talent you’d most like to have: “Singing.”

Person who would play you in a movie: “Josh Hartnett. I’ve been told I kind of look like him.”

Person whose brain you’re dying to pick: “Tiger Woods, because of all the things he’s going through.”

The words you live by: “Live every day like it’s your last because tomorrow is never guaranteed.”

Person you’d trade places with for a day: “Bill Gates, because he’s a billionaire.”

Favorite movie: “Remember the Titans.”

I can’t live without ... “Sports in general.”

Worst habit: “Biting my nails.”

Favorite book: “Jackie’s Nine” by Sharon Robinson.

Favorite TV show: “Fresh Prince of Bel Air.

Favorite smell: “Chocolate chip cookies.”

Favorite school subject: Math.

Favorite pro athlete: “Derek Jeter, he’s a role model and we both play shortstop.”

Biggest influence: “My parents, Holly and Randy, because they’ve given me the opportunity to do the things that I do.”

When I’m bored, I ... “Play video games.”

Last DVD you bought: “The Hangover.”

Most embarrassing moment: “I tripped over the mound on my way out to my shortstop position during a baseball game.”

Best thing about basketball: “Winning.”

Worst thing about basketball: “Running.”

In 10 years I’ll be ... “Hopefully, starting a family and have a good-paying job.”


Alumni News:


·        Braden McMonigle won the high jump title (6-5) as Wilmington College competed at the All-Ohio Championship last weekend.  Braden was also the top collegiate high jumper with a best effort of 6-5.50 at both the Otterbein Invitational and Cedarville University Invitational in January.


·        14th ranked Indiana University Swimming & Diving team defeated 13th ranked Louisville 161-139.  Nicole Brehm placed 7th in the 1 meter diving competition with 233.24 points.


Pulse-Journal Quotes:


·         Coach Doan, regarding Krystal Gaston: “She’s a phenomenal kid.  She was made to play a position she’s not used to and has had a great turnaround.  I rode her pretty hard.  She took a role that was given to her and has done the best she can with it. It’s been great to see her evolve.”


·        Krystal Gaston:  “The season definitely started as a struggle.  But once I calmed down and gained some composure, I’ve been able to see the floor better.  The turnovers were difficult to handle. But I didn’t let it discourage me. I put a lot of pressure on myself because I felt like I needed to step up for my team. Right now, it feels really good ... like I’ve accomplished something.”


·        Coach Amy Caudy:  “Right now, the girls’ team tends to play at the level of its competition. We’ve won a lot of matches with some good scores, but we’ve also won some matches with not-so-good scores.  It’s nice to see those Baker averages coming up. That will be really helpful for us at tournament time.”

·         Coach John Caudy:  “All year long, we’ve been looking for consistency and team chemistry.  Both of these are important as far as heading into sectionals is concerned.”

Thanks to Ed & Marge MacDonald for their continued support of the student-athletes and Athletic Booster Club!!

Majors Supply supports the student-athletes by purchasing an ad in the Booster Club’s athletic program.  We thank Majors Supply for helping the student-athletes, teams and Booster Club reach their goals Majors Supply supports our student-athletes, so let’s support them J





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