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Monroe Hornet Fan Enews for May 26, 2010
Wednesday, May 26, 2010 10:10:58 AM - Monroe Ohio

by Ann Hinkle

Hornet Fans:

  • Monroe Athletic Booster Club meeting highlights
    • 2010-2011 Officers:
  • President Mary Griffin
  • Vice President Angela Peterson
  • Secretary Jenny Streibick

Thanks to previous officers Rocky Sebastian and Anita Williams for their many years of service to the student-athletes and district!

  • Congratulations to the winners of the four $500 MABC scholarships:

        Joe Farrish             Hilary Pierce

        Ben Leahy             Carley Williams

This year, the scholarships were named in honor of Greg Smith for his dedication and service to the student-athletes, district and the club. Thank you, Greg!

  • Members agree to pay for the following:
    • Boys Basketball summer league, camps and 3 shoot-outs: $1,050
    • Girls Soccer tournaments: $925
    • 12 Medicine balls: $1,400
  • Hornet Daywill be Sunday, August 22. Stay tuned for more details!
  • Logan Pencewill play in the All Star Game - congrats!
  • The Monroe-Franklin trophy will be presented to the winner of the Booster Bowl Football game at Franklin this year. The Monroe and Franklin Booster Clubs paid for the trophy. Thanks to Tim Kellis for managing the design and purchase of the trophy.


  • Nick Streibickand Michael Pope successfully defended their SWBL first doubles title!


  • Boys Track team won the Southwestern Buckeye League Buckeye Division championship - it was the team’s first league title in 33 years!
  • Ben Leahycaptured a rare pair of individual races at the SWBL Buckeye Division track championships. Leahy won both the 400 meters and the 800 meters and also ran a leg in Monroe’s winning 800 and 1,600 meter relays teams.
  • The Boys 4 x 200 relay qualified to run in Regionals this Thursday night at Welcome Stadium.


  • For the third time in four seasons, the Baseball team ended their regular season with at least 20 wins after run-ruling host Mt. Healthy on Monday, May 10. Logan Stanger earned his seventh win of the season on the mound and got offensive support from Devin King (2-for-4, two runs), Dustin Annachenni (2-for-3, two runs) and Nick Montoya (two RBIs).
  • The team was defeated by Franklin 7-10 in the second round of the Division II sectional tournament.

Pulse Journal ‘Athlete of the Week’: Nick Morgan

Claim to fame: "I’m the second best defensive player on the varsity volleyball team."

Bet you didn’t know: "I am a smart kid."

Toughest opponent:"Alter, they’re the fourth-best team in the state."

Biggest influence:"My mom, Jennifer, because she’s always helping me and moving me forward to be successful."

Who would play you in a movie: "Bruce Willis, he’s funny."

Person whose brain you’re dying to pick:"Alex Mitchell, he’s my best friend."

Talent you’d most like to have: "Hit a baseball."

The words you live by: "You only live life once, but if you live it right once is enough."

Person you’d trade places with for a day:"My ex-girlfriend Ashley so she could live my life for a day."

Worst habit:"Blurting the truth without thinking."

Favorite book: "The Blind Side" by Michael Lewis.

I can’t live without ... "My dog, Peaches."

Favorite TV show:"Scrubs."

Favorite junk food:Nutty Bars.

On your bedroom walls: "Cracks."

You are most annoyed by:"Stupidity."

Favorite home cooked meal:"Chicken and dumplings."

Vegetable you will not eat: Brussel sprouts.

Last video game you bought:"Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2."

Best thing about volleyball:"My teammates, it’s fun to play with them."

Worst thing about volleyball:"Bad attitudes."

In 10 years, I’ll be ..."A veterinarian."

Pulse Journal ‘Athlete of the Week’: Natalie Snively

Claim to fame: "I’m a 4.0 student."

Bet you didn’t know: "I hate listening to people eat bananas."

Toughest opponent:"Waynesville, they’re always tough to beat."

Biggest influence:"My dad, Joe, because he inspires me to be a better person."

Person who would play you in a movie: "Natalie Portman, because we have the same first name."

Person whose brain you’re dying to pick:"President Obama, because I want to know how he feels about what’s going on."

Talent you’d most like to have: "To run really fast."

The words you live by: "Live life to the fullest."

Person you’d trade places with for a day:"An astronaut."

Favorite movie: "Forrest Gump."

Worst habit:"Sometimes I bite my lip."

Favorite book: "The Great Gatsby" by F. Scott Fitzgerald.

I can’t live without ... "My iPod."

Favorite TV show:"That ’70s Show."

Favorite smell:"Lavender flowers."

Favorite junk food:Cheetos.

On your bedroom walls: "A bunch of posters of old photos."

You are most annoyed by:"People licking their fingers."

Favorite home cooked meal:"A turkey dinner."

Vegetable you will not eat: Eggplant.

Favorite musical artist:The Beatles.

Favorite school subject:History.

Most embarrassing moment ..."Ripping my pants at school."

When I’m bored, I ..."Listen to music."

Game day rituals:"Stretch."

Last DVD you bought:"New Moon."

Best thing about track:"All my friends are there and it’s a tight knit family."

Worst thing about track:"It’s time consuming."

In 10 years I’ll be ..."Hopefully, working for a television network."

Pulse Journal ‘Athlete of the Week’: Ryan Leahy

Claim to fame: "Playing in the 2007 football playoffs with both of my brothers, Ben and Danny."

Bet you didn’t know: "I like to play cornhole and euchre in my free time."

Toughest opponent:"Waynesville, they have really fast sprinters."

Biggest influence:"My father, Bob, because he’s always taught me to work hard in and out of school and athletics."

Who would play you in a movie: "Jim Carey, because he’s always sarcastic."

Talent you’d most like to have: "Juggling."

The words you live by: "Never take anything for granted because nothing is guaranteed."

Person you’d trade places with for a day:"Urban Meyer, to watch Florida’s football team practice and be around all of those athletes."

Favorite movie: "Rudy."

Worst habit:"Talking with food in my mouth."

Favorite book: "Season of Life" by Jeffery Marx.

I can’t live without: "My family."

Favorite TV show:"SportsCenter."

Favorite musical artist:Usher.

Favorite school subject:Math.

Most embarrassing moment ..."Running the hurdles my sophomore year, I got punched by the guy next to me and didn’t finish the race."

Game day rituals:"Listen to music and stay focused for our relays."

Favorite pro athlete:"Joey Votto."

Best thing about track:"Hanging around with the guys and I have awesome coaches."

Worst thing about ?track:"Some of the track referees that we get."

In 10 years I’ll be ..."Married, with hopefully a good-paying job."

Pulse-Journal Quotes:

  • Football Coach Brett Stubbs: "I’m still in a mode of excitement. And, not just because it’s my first head coaching job, but because it’s Monroe. It was tough to leave here two years ago. I just kept telling the kids I hope they are as excited as I am. If excitement won football games, we’d be 10-0 right now." "We talked about tradition and the pride this community has in its football program. We want the kids to be good students and citizens. They must have higher expectations for themselves because the eyes of the community are always on the football players, and we want to be sure that they always put their best foot forward."
  • Nick Steibick: "The noises. Yeah, I think it throws the other teams off. It’s one of our strengths. We get a good strong serve in, and we like to attack the net and put away the shot as fast as we can."
  • Michael Pope: "We hope to go farther this year than we did last year. We just have to put it all together, get our serves in and attack the net. We know we have the ability to get to state."
  • LaMar Hodges:   "My favorite event is the 300 hurdles. It takes a lot of skill to run that event. Only a tough person can run it. It’s just a longer event than the 110 (hurdles), so you’ve really got to work at getting your stride and your timing right." (Hodges finished second at the league meet - breaking the previous division-record time in the final - 40.77 seconds.) "My goal is to get my times down to the 37s by my senior year, but I hope to get into the 39-second range either by the end of this season or next year."
  • Coach Fielder, regarding Hodges: "He’s been a huge help for us this season. To have a guy with his speed, it’s a nice luxury. We didn’t have a true sprinter or hurdler this season until he came on board."
  • AD Dave Bauer: "What Brett offers right away is familiarity and a sense of Hornet tradition. Brett has 23 years coaching experience, and we feel this is a destination job for him, not a stepping-stone to go somewhere else."


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