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Monroe Hornets Enews Brief
Friday, October 16, 2009 9:43:43 AM - Monroe Ohio

The mission of the Monroe Athletic Booster Club (MABC) is to facilitate and promote the activities of the Monroe High School's sports programs. MABC will work with the coaches and administration to support the athletic program by providing funds, boosting attendance, building morale and providing an enjoyable healthy environment for the student-athletes.  MABC will be responsible for raising funds required to meet the club's objectives.

Hornet Fans:

BIG week coming up for our teams, including Sectional games:

1.    Tonight        Football                            vs. Dixie AWAY                    7:30

2.    Saturday    Volleyball (Sectionals)        vs. Franklin @ Springboro        Noon

3.    Saturday    Boys Soccer                       vs. Big Walnut AWAY            2:00

4.    Monday    Girls Soccer (Sectionals)     vs. Dixie                                    7:00

5.    Tuesday    Boys Soccer (Sectionals)    vs. Franklin                                7:00

6.    Friday        Football                            vs. Waynesville AWAY              7:30

    * The Boys Soccer team won their 4th straight SWBL Buckeye crown!  The team is the 6th seed in the DII Dayton sectional.

    * The Girls Soccer team earned the 5th seed in the DII Dayton sectional.

    * The Volleyball team (8-10) earned an 11th seed in the DII sectional.

    * Steve Shuck predicts the Football team (5-1) to finish second in the region behind Franklin.

Journal Quotes:

    * Nate Morgan, on his off-field time:  "I'd probably be working full-time at my job at Penn Station.  Aside from school and homework and working out, that's all I do really."

    * Coach Meibers:  "We try to scheme our defense to allow guys to get back there.  Between scheming and Nate's speed off the ball, it puts him in a position to be in the backfield."

    * Reegan Reece:  "I just try to be as positive as I can be all the time.  Sometimes it's easy to get down on yourself during a volleyball match.  I just try and pick people up because that's what you really need - a positive attitude."

    * Coach Elias:  "We're definitely a different team when Reegan isn't in there.  She's very positive, very vocal and the players seem to feed off that.  Starting with (Monday's) game with Northridge, I think I'm going to find ways to keep Reegan in our lineup.  She definitely has a positive effect on our team."

    * Coach Burnside:  "I'm really pleased where we ended up.  We are in one of the toughest brackets, and we just played our best game of the season in a 2-1 win over Madison.  I hope we can carry that into the tournament."

    * Coach Oster:  "My feeling was going into the draw we should be the five or six seed.  Realistically, it was fair.  There are four teams in the bracket that have been state-ranked or received votes.  While we are undefeated, Carroll, Alter, and Bellbrook have all played tougher schedules.  This bracket is loaded."



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