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Monroe Income Tax Forms not being Mailed this Year
Thursday, January 24, 2008 4:21:49 PM - Monroe Ohio
by Tracy Vanderman, Tax Commissioner

To save time, money and paper, the City of Monroe Tax Office will not be sending out returns this year. Several options for obtaining forms are available:

1. All forms are available on the city of Monroe website:  Monroe Ohio City Tax Forms

2. Call the Tax Office at 539-7374 ext 1004, leave a message with your name and address and a form will be mailed to you.

3. Stop by the Tax Office and bring your W-2(s) and Schedules and we will complete the form for you.

A postcard will be mailed in January 2008 as a reminder to file. The filing due date is April 15, 2008.

The decision to try the postcards is not only a cost savings in dollars but also in time.  In the past we have spent around $6,000* dollars a year to have forms printed, envelopes, return envelopes and then the actual stuffing and mailing of the forms.  About 65% of our residents come into the office to have the tax department complete their returns for them, most do not bring their printed form with them.  This year the estimate for the cost was cut in half by trying the postcards. With the recent purchase of the tax software, the taxpayers that choose to come into the office to have their city tax prepared, we will be able to print out the return from that new software.
A lot of other cities in this area have used the postcards for a couple of years now and have been pleased with the results.  Our forms are on our website and we will mail forms if requested.

*we saved about $3,000 plus the time of stuffing and mailing.

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