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Monroe Lending Library Children's Activity
Tuesday, February 21, 2006 9:40:22 AM - Monroe Ohio
Monroe Lending Library had its first children's library activity Saturday, February 11th with an enthusiatic group of children making a Valentine picture frame with their picture inserted to give to their favorite Valentine.  They also colored bags to carry their cards home from school.  A Valentine themed story was read to them by Sarah Sumner while they created their crafts.  Saturday, February 16th, another storytime was held to a group of children.  The children enjoyed cookies relating to the story they were listening to.  The next craft/story time will be Saturday, March 11th and a Storytime only is scheduled for Saturday, March 18th.  Saturday hours are 10 am-1 pm.  Come join the fun.
Library hours are Monday 7 - 9 pm, Wednesday 2 - 8 pm, and Saturday 10 am - 1 pm.
George and Laura Portrait of an American Marriage by Christopher Anderson. 
An insight ito George W. Bush's early life as well as Laura Bush's family upbringing.  Underlying is a compassionate person while describing his "fast" living single life and their battle against infertility.
The Housekeeper's Diary Charles and Diana Before the Breakup by Wendy Berry.  The author, housekeeper to Prince and Princess Diana, sets the record straight with the day by day account of the mounting dtroubles and disintegrating relationship of the Royal couple.  The book was banned in Britain, according to British Law, no person working for the Royal family may wright about his/her experience.
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