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Monroe Local Board Of Education Minutes Of April 6 , 2009
Friday, April 24, 2009 10:05:04 AM - Monroe Ohio
                                                                    RECORD OF PROCEEDINGS
                                                   MONROE LOCAL BOARD OF EDUCATION
                                                            Minutes of April 6, 2009 Work Session

The Board of Education of the Monroe Local School District in the County of Butler, State of Ohio, held its work session on the 6th day of April 2009 in the in the Monroe Elementary Cafeteria, located in Monroe, Ohio.

Mr. Tom Leeds, President, called the meeting to order at 7:02 p.m.

The Treasurer, Mrs. Kelley Thorpe, recorded the minutes.

Roll Call — showed the following members present Mr. Tom Leeds, Mr. Chris Snyder, Mr. Mike Lane, Mr. Tom Birdwell, and Mr. Mike Irwin. Also present was Treasurer, Mrs. Kelley Thorpe, Dr. Elizabeth Lolli, and guests as listed in Appendix “A”, which is attached and becomes an official part of these minutes.

A recording of this meeting on Compact Disk is available in the Treasurer’s Office for review, reference tape # 090406.

All presentations/documents presented to the Board are available in the Treasurer’s Office, as referenced in the body of these minutes.

Resolution No. 09-047 Approval of Consent Agenda
Mr. Birdwell moved and Mr. Irwin seconded the motion to approve the Consent Agenda as presented.

ROLL CALL: AYES: (5) Mr. Irwin, Mr. Lane, Mr. Leeds, Mr. Snyder, Mr.Birdwell
                         NOES: (0)
                                                      The president declared the motion carried.

Mission Statement
Mr. Irwin requested that this work session be an open discussion. The board agreed. Mr. Irwin stated that a board mission statement is high in the sky. He feels that Butler Tech’s mission statement is an excellent example. However, he feels it is still too long. A mission statement should set a tone and then goals should be defined. The mission statement should then be printed on any documents associated with the business (i.e. name tags, letterhead, billboards, etc.). The IRS requires a mission statement for any 501(c)(3) company. He would like the board to consider setting pillar goals for the board. These should be much different from the schools goals. The mission statement should be long-term. We are a public school that takes students and builds marketable skills and make them life- long learners.

Mr. Birdwell stated that Butler Tech’s plan is built in several sections for many reasons. It includes a simple mission statement. He feels the prime goal is to have the most educated kids. Facilities and teachers are a means to achieve this.

Mr. Irwin feels that aligning our educational process will lead to the best curriculum. He stated that engaging our teachers should be a goal. 21st Century Education is the buzzword. We should be including 21st century academics in our curriculum.

Mr. Birdwell has been through the development of a mission statement on many occasions. He has only seen it successfully implemented on two occasions. This needs to be a useful document that tiers down through the district. Butler Tech always refers to their mission statement in every project that they do.

Dr. Lolli stated that the district mission statement needs to be developed prior to any school mission statement. The survey results and the testing data have helped the district generate goals. The buildings will be bringing their goals to the board at the end of May.

Mr. Birdwell was disgusted with the goals that were presented from other school districts. Becoming an excellent ranking school sounds nice but becoming excellent means you have a minimum number of kids that need to get a minimum score. This coincides with No Child Left Behind but not with his goal of how he would like children to be educated.

Dr. Lolli went over the buzzwords that seem to be part of our society. They include global society, 21st century society, and 21st century education. The board needs to think about citizenship, achievement, and communication. It has always been a goal of hers for high school graduates to be able to do whatever they want to do after graduation without remediation. She believes this is the district’s responsibility.

Mr. Lane stated that education leads to opportunity.

Mr. Birdwell feels that the easiest way to start this process is to start with a very short, simple goal that is very narrow and focused. Then, the pillar and building goals can generate the “how” to accomplish the district goals.

Mr. Irwin wants to know what we believe our purpose is. We are trying to prepare our children for the future. We need to prepare every child with the best tools possible.

Mr. Snyder stated our purpose is to educate students for those to students to have opportunities. We need to take pieces and put them on the board and narrow them down to a mission statement.

The board then worked on developing the following Mission Statement and goals:

Mission Statement:
The Monroe Local School District Board of Education will provide all students with the highest quality education preparing them for future endeavors.

1.The Monroe Local School District Board of Education is dedicated to the implementation of effective policies and governance practices.

The Monroe Local School District Board of Education will assure an educational environment conducive to providing a 21st Century education for all students.

The Monroe Local School District Board of Education will improve public awareness, foster partnerships, and open communication will all stakeholders.

The Monroe Local School District Board of Education, acting as stewards of the public’s money, accepts the responsibility of defining and communicating the financial needs to reach the District’s goals.

The Monroe Local School District Board of Education will provide and maintain quality facilities, equipment, and technology that meet or exceed the needs of the students and community.

Dr. Lolli will post the proposed Mission Statement and goals on the district website and disseminate them to the staff for additional feedback. The board will meet at a later date to review any feedback received and further establish board goals.
Dr. Lolli would like to bring back a potential candidate for the Business Affairs/Personnel Director position for a second interview on April 14th at 4:30 p.m. Tom Leeds and Mike Lane will participate in the second interview. This person will be filling a new position. He will have his superintendent’s license after completing two classes.

Mr. Irwin would like to revisit the parameters and the ground rules in a couple of months.
Next month’s work session will be for the purpose of discussing board of education meeting minutes.

Resolution No. 09-048 Adjournment

Mr. Snyder moved, and Mr. Lane seconded the motion to adjourn the meeting at 8:39 p.m.
ROLL CALL: AYES: (5) Mr. Irwin, Mr. Lane, Mr. Leeds, Mr. Snyder, Mr.Birdwell
                         NOES: (0)
                                                     The president declared the motion carried.

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President                                                         Treasurer
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