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Monroe Local Schools Meeting Agenda for February 9, 2009
Friday, February 6, 2009 4:35:35 PM - Monroe Ohio

231 Macready Avenue
Monroe, Ohio 45050

February 9, 2009
7:00 p.m.
Monroe Elementary School

I.    CALL TO ORDER -     Mr. Tom Leeds, President
A.    Roll Call
1.    Tom Birdwell        _____
2.    Mike Irwin        _____
3.    Mike Lane        _____
4.    Tom Leeds        _____
5.    Chris Snyder        _____   

B.    Pledge of Allegiance

II.    CONSENT AGENDA Mr. Tom Leeds, President
Recommend the Board approve the Consent Agenda
MOTION:        _____
SECOND:        _____

Birdwell A/N    Irwin A/N      Lane A/N      Leeds A/N     Snyder A/N

Approved    _____         Not Approved   _____     Other Action   _____

A.    Comments from the Public

A.    School Financial Situation Mrs. Thorpe

MOTION:    _____

SECOND:    _____

Birdwell A/N    Irwin A/N      Lane A/N      Leeds A/N     Snyder  A/N

Approved    _____         Not Approved   _____     Other Action   _____
Meetings of the Board of Education shall be open to the public.  All citizen communications to the Board shall be addressed to the Board of Education.  Citizens who wish to present any matter of concern to the schools shall make written request to the Board of Education prior to the meeting.  This shall come under Public Participation on Agenda Items.  The Board may, in case of emergency, by majority vote, give visitors who have not presented a written request, an opportunity to present problems to the Board.  They may table action on unexpected business until proper study can be made.  Visitors who wish to speak must be recognized by the President of the Board or the presiding officer.  Recognized citizen should rise and give his/her name before addressing the Board.  Per Policy 0169.1, any visitor wishing to speak must be a resident of the district. The president shall allot a visitor, at the appropriate time, not more than three minutes unless the time is increased or decreased by a majority vote of the Board.

    Executive Sessions may be proposed at any time during the meeting by any Board Member for any purpose authorized by law.

    Per Policy 0166, public complaints about district personnel may be heard in Executive Session.

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