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Monroe Local Schools Technology and You
Tuesday, October 21, 2003 12:00:00 AM - Monroe Ohio
My name is Ron Darin and I am pleased have this opportunity to introduce myself as Monroe Local Schools Technology Director and update you on our technology projects.

Monroe Locals Schools has made a commitment to providing technology tools that improve our students’ education. Our vision for technology use includes:
• Monroe students, staff, and parents have access to the information and tools they need anytime, anyplace.
• Monroe students, staff, and parents are enabled with the technology to pursue educational excellence.

To this end, we are the process of implementing the following tools:
• Study Island – Provides Ohio Proficiency preparation material to students through the Internet. This is available to your children at home via an Internet connection.
• Progress Book – Online teacher gradebook and lesson planning tool. This tool will provide you and your student with access to information on homework, attendance, assignment scores, and teacher messages. The pilot program is ongoing and parent access in scheduled for late January for the MS/HS. Elementary school access will begin in Sept. ’04.
• Citrix – We have expanded our capability to allow students to access school programs and homework from home. Students may now visit our website and complete homework or use programs previously only available at school.

More information on your use of these tools will arrive soon. Obviously, the new facility is a big focus for us all and I will be updating you on the technology capability there in January. I am excited about the work we are all doing here in Monroe. Please contact me at or 539-8471 for more information.
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