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Monroe May Garden Club News
Monday, May 21, 2007 7:00:55 AM - Monroe Ohio

The Monroe Garden Club held their May meeting in the James Monroe Community Room.  Leo Gray of the Cincinnati Dahlia Society presented a very informative program on “How to Grow Dahlias”.  Among the many things Mr. Gray said was dahlias grow from tubers and are not true bulbs.  They should be planted in warm, drained soil in the spring usually the same time as tomatoes.  He suggested planting tubers in pots until they have sprouted and then plant in ground when soil warms.  They need a sunny location and can be planted in any type of soil amended with peat.  Plants should have flowers from July to November.  Flowers range from 2” to 14” in diameter depending on the size code of tubers planted.  Size codes BB yield 4-6” blooms, B yield 6-8 “ blooms, A yield 8-10” blooms, AA yield 10-14” blooms. They come in various colors, reds, yellow, orange, lavender, and burgundy and variegated.  There is no black dahlia.  Tubers are dug after first frost and stored in a cool dry place until spring.  Peggy Hesson & Ellen Kinsey served a delicious dessert course.  Ellen Kinsey brought a beautiful exhibit of irises and lilacs in complimentary colors.  President Peggy Abernathy called the meeting to order.  Slate of officers for the coming year was announced: President Peggy Abernathy, Vice President Nancy Walck, Secretary Marilyn Niebur and Treasurer Elaine Blount.  Various topics for next year’s programs were discussed.  The August installation of officer’s date was changed from Saturday Aug. 18 to Thursday, Aug. 16.  The June meeting will be a field trip to the Mill Branch Bar Soap Co. in West Chester.

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