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Monroe Mayor, Manager, Chaplin Speak at 911 Tribute
Monday, September 12, 2011 11:02:50 AM - Monroe Ohio

by John Beagle

Yesterday the City of Monroe officially paid tribute to the victims of 911. Both the city mayor and manger reminded us all to never forget. In attendance were the Mayor and all of council, including Molley, the golden retriever belonging to councilwoman Lora Stillman. Also present were the Cub Scouts, the Honor Guard, Monroe Police and Fire along with about 20 residents. 

The honor guard brought the flag down, raised then lowed it again half staff while 'Taps' played in the background.

The city manager, mayor and chaplain all both spoke briefly but thoughtfully and respectfully about the people who perished, including those who responded. The mayor encouraged people to be thankful, saying, "Today I encourage everyone to take time out to be thankful for the loved ones that have either touched our lives, or continue to be part of our lives. And to be thankful to those who have served or continue to serve our great country." City Mayor. Robert Routson

The chaplin asked God to be in our prescience, "Let's bow our heads for a word of prayer, Almighty God, we gather today and ask your presence be with us as we remember the events of 9-11 and the sacredness of that day." Police Chaplain, Frank Nation.

And the city manager reminded us all that "...we should never forget." City Manager, William Brock.

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