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Monday, July 19, 2004 12:34:23 PM - Monroe Ohio
#61553; Monroe’s money mismanagement is now OLD NEWS.
#61553; Monroe MUST move forward.
#61553; The City is NOW fiscally responsible.

1.Four new Council Members and a new City Manager and Finance Director.
2. Cuts were made in staff and projects to balance the 2003 and 2004 budgets.
3. Debts were refinanced to defer payments.
4. Street projects were cancelled.
5. A Citizens Review Board is in place to monitor the budget and audit.
6. Raised fees.

#61553; Beyond 2004 Monroe will have difficulty balancing the budget and meeting service levels along with needed projects.

1. SEVERE Service-altering cuts would have to be made.
2. Road resurfacing and repair would be further curtailed.
3. Contingency funds would NOT be increased.
4. Debt payments would be kept to a minimum.
5. Safety equipment replacement would be hampered.

#61553; A Property Tax increase WILL NOT accommodate Monroe’s future needs.
1. The City only realizes approximately 12 to 14 percent of the total tax collected.
2. Revenue would not grow at the same rate as the City’s needs.

#61553; Monroe is growing and needs a revenue stream that will grow with it.


#61553; Revenue to the City will grow with the expanding commercial business, which will create more jobs.

#61553; Who will pay the Income Tax?
1. Over 70% of the Income Taxes paid to Monroe come from workers who work in Monroe but live elsewhere.
2. Workers who live elsewhere pay 1% to Monroe and the balance where they live. This levy will keep an additional .5% in Monroe without raising taxes on these workers.
3. Approximately 25% of the working Monroe residents work in Monroe and will be affected.

#61553; Only Lebanon and Monroe have a 1.0% Income Tax with no Tax Credit. All other surrounding communities have 1.5% or higher.

Forward Monroe PAC
Keith Walden Chairman
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