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Monroe Park City Fest/Say Soccer Agreement
Tuesday, February 13, 2001 12:00:00 AM - Monroe Ohio
This is a joint statement issued by Bryan Garde, President of Monroe Youth Soccer, Tracie Hunt Vice President of Monroe Youth Soccer and Steve Tannreuther, Chairman of City Fest and Vice Chairman of the City of Monroe Park Board

We acknowledge the concern of the citizens of Monroe regarding both the closure of the park immediately prior to city fest and the issue regarding the rodeo. By hearing different views and ideas, and by working together, we believe we can resolve these issues.

Both of these issues, and many others, are openly discussed at PUBLIC board meetings held by the parks department and the city fest planning board. We strongly encourage members of sporting organizations or the general public to attend these meetings, get involved in the planing stages, give valuable input and make a difference. Please visit for information regarding these meetings.

Firstly we would like to address the issue of closing the park to all public activities for the week prior to City Fest. The park board, upon request from the City Fest board, Tim Booth, Superintendent of the Road Department and his work crews, (they perform the bulk of the set up and take down of equipment) have decided to close the park, due to concerns about public safety. Every year City Fest continues to grow, with more food and craft booths, more carnival events, larger tents, bigger entertainment stages/trailers, fire works equipment, and this year a rodeo. All this equipment requires a significant time to set up. During the week of set up we have construction vehicles, city vehicles, vendor trucks, miles of temporary electric lines being run, ditches dug for temporary wiring, etc and we feel that the safety of kids warrants the closure of the park. Neither Bryan, Tracie nor Steve desire to see an accident or injury occur. One accident or injury is one too many.

This does not mean that soccer is out of luck for a week. Both the city and the soccer board are actively trying to find an alternative site for soccer to practice on. We are currently looking at two sites which will not only give soccer a place to practice during this week, but also may allow soccer to have up to 4 new fields for the entire season. Next year it is desire of both the city and the soccer board to relocate all of soccer to the new 75-acre park on Garver road.

Regarding the rodeo and possible damage to fields. The entire rodeo issue was discussed at both a City Fest and a Park board meeting. A further meeting was held down at park with board members and representatives of the Rodeo Company. Both the Park board and the City Fest board have made it 100% clear to the rodeo operator that no part of his equipment, animals of infrastructure will be allowed on ANY soccer field. The rodeo and its fencing will all be contained be on #5 baseball diamond. (This is with the full blessing of the Monroe Baseball Board). The city with the input of baseball is going too completely re-do the diamond after City Fest.

This year the soccer program will continue to grow, and City Fest will be bigger and better than ever. It is our belief that we can both co-exist and grow, do it safely, and enable the citizens of Monroe to enjoy both programs this year.


Bryan, Tracie and Steve.
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