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Monroe Public Works Committe Meeting Minutes for June 16, 2011
Tuesday, June 28, 2011 1:26:56 PM - Monroe Ohio

by Angela Wasson

Public Works Committee of Council meeting on June 16, 2011

The Public Works Committee of Council met on June 16, 2011 at 6:09 pm in the Council Library
located at 233 South Main Street, Monroe, Ohio.

Present were: Steve Black, Council Member; *Anna Hale, Vice Mayor; Bob Kelley, Council
Member; William J. Brock, City Manager/City Engineer; Daniel J. Arthur, Director of Public
Works; and Angela S. Wasson, Assistant to the City Manager/Clerk of Council. *Mrs. Hale
arrived at 6:34 pm.

Mr. Brock explained that we are trying to cut back on some of the roadside mowing and where
we are mowing that we shouldn’t be mowing. He presented a map showing where we currently
mow. Most of the areas are due to sight distance. Mr. Arthur requested some feedback from the

Mr. Kelley asked if Majors and Garvers mow along a portion of State Route 63. Mr. Brock
indicated they do, but with a finish mower so it looks nicer. Mr. Kelley asked if there are ways
we could treat areas to curtail some of the growth? Mr. Arthur advised that we are trying
something in certain areas to see if it works. There is a large area on Breaden that we mow and
Mr. Arthur is not sure why we are cutting that. Mr. Kelley asked about using the brine on the
roadside, which would limit their growth. Mr. Brock indicated it will be looked at to see if it is a
heavy enough concentration. Mr. Brock said some of the areas should probably be taken care of
by the property owners. Mr. Brock did not recommend stopping mowing in Lemon Township as
this is under contract.

Mr. Kelley brought up a fire hydrant at the end of Rachel Lane that should be checked to make
sure that it is working and visible. Mr. Arthur will check on this. Mr. Kelley noted that there are
others that should be check on as well.

Mr. Arthur presented information from Terry Asphalts, who also has a local office on Holman
Avenue. We did an assessment and different processes to show what could be done to different
roads. We have $300,000 to work with this year and wanted a five year plan. Mr. Arthur is
getting proposals from engineers to do Todhunter from Britton Lane to Cincinnati-Dayton Road.
Mr. Brock noted this is a separate capital project. Mr. Arthur advised that we will seek Ohio
Public Works Commission funds to assist with this project. This project will include the
replacement of a water line. Mr. Arthur noted that we will work with Butler County on seeking
an OPWC funds.

Mr. Kelley noticed that Union Road was on the list for 2011 and he recalls a conversation that
this would be abandoned in the future. Mr. Brock stated this goes back to taking a connection
through Vandercar and we can’t abandon it until we have the alternate route. Mr. Kelley felt that
the cost for this could do a lot of other smaller items. Mr. Arthur said that the bridge and the
roadway on Butler-Warren Road need repaired. He is working with Butler County on trying to
get their assistance on the bridge.

Mr. Kelley asked if there is an advantage to include a bike lane for the OPWC grant. Mr. Arthur
was concerned if there would be sufficient right-of-way available to include that. Mr. Brock and
Mr. Arthur will look into this.

Mr. Black asked if there were any cuts in the budget for some of this work. Mr. Brock advised
that we have not looked at cuts in this area for this year’s budget, but looking at $500,000 less in
capital improvements in future budgets.

Mr. Arthur asked the Committee if they would like to adjust some of the priority of the roads, to
let him know.

Mr. Kelley spoke with an ODOT representative who felt that Terry Asphalt makes a lot of claims
about things they can do and actually do. ODOT has a good list of specifications and can tell
you which ideas work best. There is a long section on State Route 4 that they used the fiber mat
on and it worked great. Mr. Kelley assumed that we would have some downtown areas that we
are going to target for development in the future. He thought it would be good to use some funds
on these targeted areas, such as if the old high school property is utilized. Mr. Brock said that
Britton Lane between State Route 63 and Macready are in bad shape. He said that TIF monies
generated could be used for that area and Britton would need to be widened if there is
commercial development.

Mrs. Hale asked if the high school would be coming down. Mr. Brock advised that they want it
out of their hands by the end of the year and will be auctioning it off. Mr. Black asked what it is
zoned. Mr. Brock replied that it is zoned R-3, but the Comprehensive Plan rezones it to

Mr. Black asked if funds were approved through OPWC would that accelerate the listing of
roads to be repaired. Mr. Brock advised that Todhunter Road would be removed from the list
and the targeted funds would towards something else.

Mr. Kelley asked if we could get copies of the specifications for the different ideas presented by
Ryan Terry. Mr. Brock advised we would use the State specifications.

Mr. Black asked if there is warranty services provided by asphalt contractors. Mr. Brock replied
that we require that bonds be issued.

Mr. Kelley asked about a concrete program with these road improvements. Mr. Brock indicated
that we will have to look at that as some treatments would not require concrete work. The streets
that require concrete work will have to be completed next year.

Mrs. Hale asked if anyone has said anything about the corner of Lee Price and Macready. Mr.
Brock advised there is no storm sewer there and there is no good storm sewer anywhere

Mr. Brock advised that we will put together a list and then talk about putting bid specifications

Mr. Arthur referred to a report by Artesian of Pioneer that provides costs that includes the well
field purchase from Warren County. The proposal provided gives us a cost for a new plant. The
cost for a full plant would be 7.9 million. Some of the financing options are about three cents
less than what we are paying to Butler County and lower when the financing is complete. This
would be spending 1.6 million dollars per year until 2024 and not knowing what the full
projections would increase to. It could then go to 1.8 million to 2 million per year. There would
be some upfront work that the City would need to do, such as buying property and demolition of
the existing plant. Mr. Brock did not see information on the aquifer or pumping ability. Mr.
Brock if we are buying from Butler County and buying from there it would be about $300,000 in
bond payments leaving only about $100,000 for our operations and it is not going to work.
Mr. Kelley thought that there may be a possibility of getting away from purchasing from Butler
County sooner. The option to buy for 6.2 million is the same as on the first day and the last day,
so there are no savings options. If you could set up a lease purchase and let them finance it and
we own at the end for a balloon payment, that may be worth talking about. He did not see it
working out the way it is written.

Mr. Arthur felt it would be good information to provide to a consultant, but they did not do a full
study. They went through the plant and provided a cost on what it would take to replace certain
equipment. Mr. Arthur explained the intent with the water study was to renegotiate with Butler
County. They may fight because they are on a minimum take or pay with Hamilton and
Cincinnati Water Works and Monroe is the biggest customer. Mr. Arthur felt we could possibly
drop it and save about $3.9 million over the rest of the contract.

Mr. Kelley confirmed that these costs will come out of the Enterprise Fund.
Mr. Arthur said this is great information, but we need something in hand when we negotiate with
Butler County, which is the initial water study that was proposed.

Mr. Brock felt that Butler County would be less likely to come down without the study. Mr.
Kelley asked how you can offset that $25,000 in savings? Mr. Arthur and Mr. Brock both felt
comfortable in recognizing savings with a drop in the cost with the contract with Butler County.
Mrs. Hale asked how long our contract was with Butler County. Mr. Arthur replied that it is a 20
year contract and began in 2004.

Mr. Arthur pointed out that we will have to purchase or pay for 900,000 per day right now. Mr.
Arthur felt we could save $250,000 to $300,000 per year.

Mr. Arthur informed the Committee that Butler County purchases water from Hamilton and
Cincinnati Water Works and had to pay for water that they did not use.

Mr. Black asked if you wanted to eliminate the take or pay in the current contract. Mr. Arthur
stated that we are trying to play with that balance so we don’t waste any. Mr. Brock’s approach
would be not to have a take or pay, but if it is a sole source contract he would recommend
leaving it at 900,000 gallons per day.

Mr. Kelley asked if we agreed to 100% from Butler County what affect would that have on the
budget. Mr. Brock advised if we could get $2.15 per gallon it would be a savings. Mr. Arthur
indicated the savings could be used towards replacing the meters.

Mr. Black asked if we were to do nothing how long could we operate? Mr. Arthur said with
regular maintenance we could get another 10 years out of the plant.

It was the consensus of the Committee to recommend to Council to proceed with the study by

The Public Works Committee meeting adjourned at 7:34 pm.

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