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Monroe Raises Taxes 1/2 Percent for Most
Thursday, December 12, 2002 12:00:00 AM - Monroe Ohio
If you work and live in Monroe, this tax does not affect you. But if you work in Middletown or many of the other cities around the community, your income taxes are going up by one half percent. The math is simple, if you make $25,000 and work in Middletown, your taxes are increased .005 x $25,000 = $125 per year. If you make $50k your tax is $250 additional. This is due to Monroe City Council voting to amend an ordinance to reduce the credit for tax paid to other municipalities. Currently, Monroe reduces income tax paid to Middletown, for instance, by 1 percent. Starting January 1, 2003 that credit will be reduced to one half percent. It is very confusing and after talking with Dave Collins, City Finance Director, I am even more confused about this issue. One thing that I am not confused about is I am going to have to pay more income tax! Mr. Collins is going to forward information from the city to put on this website. As soon as he does, I will post it.

Councilman Rick Kramer blames the union and health care costs among other things for the necessity of a tax increase. City resident Thomas Kidd is not happy due to the lack of resident input on the tax increase. Mr. Kidd would like to see this issue place on the ballot for all to vote on.

Commentary: The city needs to be proactive in communicating potential cost increases to the residents of Monroe. Just like the water increase, if there was a potential tax increase, I would rather hear about it before reading in the paper. It is the responsibility of the city council to represent the people. In my opinion, the residents of Monroe want to know what is going on more than other communities. People of Monroe are more involved and deserve to be notified prior to decisions that affect their finances, quality of life and overall satisfaction of being a resident. But that is just my opinion. What is your opinion? Let us hear from you, post on 'The Voice.'
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