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Monroe School Buses are Safe
Saturday, September 30, 2000 12:00:00 AM - Monroe Ohio
Monroe parents and students can be assured that all busses in use have passed rigorous inspections. Some of the busses obtained from the Middletown School district are not up to Monroe‘s standards. As you recall, Middletown had financial problems in the early 90‘s. No buses were purchased during that period, so their fleet is composed of a bunch of old and a few new busses. Monroe got a proportionate share of the Middletown bus fleet, the age of our buses matched the age of the Middletown fleet. Marc Rubin (the person who negotiated of the Transition Agreement with Middletown) states "The transition negotiations are not finished. I expect to put the condition of the buses back on the table. While I cannot predict the outcome of that negotiation, I expect to continue to fight for what Middletown agreed to - Buses that run and are safe." ALL board members were kept informed at ALL times of the status of negotiations, the issues to be resolved and the compromises which were required. The ENTIRE Board voted each crucial point in the negotiations. If you have questions regarding the unusable buses obtained from Middletown, post them on the Voice. Board members review your concerns about our school district. Expect to hear more from Board Members in the future on the Voice.
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