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Monroe School Legal Council: Where Did We Go Awry?
Wednesday, September 28, 2011 11:58:32 AM - Monroe Ohio

Bill Deters, Monroe Local Schools Legal Council asks the question, where did we go awry?

In May of this year we were being told we had 500 to 900 thousand dollars excess carryover in this fiscal year. I understand you two gentlemen [referring to Roger Hardin and Dean Horton - ODE Officials] didn't necessarily look at that as to why we got here, just where we are. It will have to be something the auditors look at."

"What I'm curious about if you all saw anything blatant or glaring and said oh I can see this is where we got off track. This is where a transfer was made or a decision was made. Or was it just a matter as you say the books not being correct and over a period of time that distance of what reality is as to what is projected grows over time." Said Bill Deters.

"Normally that falls under the realm of the Auditor of State. Your books are audited on an annual basis. You should receive a copy of that every year. And there would be findings in there in those audits, whether or not the auditors found anything. The auditors more or less are the number crunchers." Said Roger Horton, ODE.

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